Asheville radio legend Joseph L. ‘Little Joe’ Brown launches new book


Press release here. Little Joe is a local legend.

Grateful Steps Publishing House announces the launch of the new book, Red, Wife and Children, by WNC writer Joseph L. Brown, known to many in the region as “Little Joe.”

Members of the family of the late George Beverly Shea will be present at the event. The dearly loved singer’s photograph is present on the back cover of the book as well as a photograph of the author, Little Joe. Also planning to attend are dignitaries from the city and county.

Come to Grateful Steps Publishing House, Bookshop and Gallery at 12:45 pm for a special announcement, the nature of which will not be learned until then. After the proclamation, author “Little Joe” Brown will introduce his book, Red, Wife and Children. The book launch will be held from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. Refreshments will be served.

Red, Wife and Children is a fictional account. It is the author’s concept of what happened to the families of Adam and Eve and their descendants. The book includes in depth the outcome of the descendants of their son Cain—a topic not previously explored in book form.

The story covers the time from the Garden of Eden to the Great Flood.

What happened to Adam (“Red,” formed from the dust of the earth, Eve (the “She” created as a helpmate for Adam) and their families after they were banned from the Garden of Eden? Author Joe Brown proposes answers. How did evil spread among the people of the earth such that God chose to destroy them with a great flood? The deterioration of the children of Adam and Eve, save a few good people, is delineated as a fictional story, interlaced with Scripture. How did Noah, their descendant, manage to get the animals on the ark amid the corrupt citizens of the land? The answer, offered here in a grand finale, is spectacular.

The author, Little Joe Brown, is well known in Western North Carolina as a forty-four year radioman. The first radio station he worked at was WTOE in Spruce Pine. In the late fifties, he started at WBMT in Black Mountain as Morning Personality and there, in 1960, became the youngest station manager in the United States. From Nightwatch on WWNC (a news and information program that he hosted in the early sixties) he became Morning Personality on WISE. The final commercial station that he worked was WSKY. He completed his radio career at WFGW. At that time he became a close friend of Billy Graham and George Beverly Shea. The popular radioman’s story is on display with his many awards at the Historical Avery County Museum in Newland, North Carolina. Visit to order the book or call Grateful Steps Foundation 828 277 0998.

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Dave April 1, 2014 - 7:36 am

Little Joe’s “sign on” from his WSKY days;

“Good mornin’ Asheville, this is Little Joe Brown and the Top 7,000 and I play talkin’ machine records.”

His “sign off”;

“Just remember … love everybody every chance you get and don’t lose your credit card.”

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