Asheville musicians Townsend, Sirius B, seek crowdfunding support


There’s always so much great stuff happening on the Asheville music scene that it’s hard to keep up. But I wanted to give a shout-out to a couple of crowdfunding campaigns that are nearing a close. Here you go:

Matt Townsend is raising money for a two part EP series. “The album was recorded at Echo Mountain Recording in Asheville and produced by Michael Selverne of Welcome to Mars,” he writes on his Kickstarter page seeking $12,000. More:

Sometime in 2014/15 I met Michael Selverne at an AMP (Asheville Music Professionals) event. A mutual friend of ours had produced my first LP, and we got to talking. One day outside a show, Michael said “I’d love to make a record with you”. About a year later it came to pass, and we entered Echo Mountain Recording with a great band and put it to the (metaphorical) tape. We cut 12 songs in a few days, later did some overdubs and saw how the songs drew together. We picked 5 that spoke to each other and they became the first installment of a 2 EP series, The Drifter and the Dream.

The musicians on this record are Bill Berg (Bob Dylan, Leo Kottke, Cat Stevens) River Guerguerian (Free Planet Radio), Kat Williams, Jackson Dulaney, Carly Taich, Franklin Keel (Sirius B, the ASO), Charles Gately (Doc Aquatic), Ryan Burns, Michael Selverne, Rodney Easter Jr.

Sirius B is working on an album and seeking $9,987 via Kickstarter to fund the project. The band also plans to record at Echo Mountain. Pancho tells me:

It is as yet untitled, but promises to be our best and most exciting music released to date. We’ve been a bit absent from the scene for a little while now, working instead to get this music written and well-honed, and we’re really excited to get into the studio in January.

The band will be playing new material at an 8 p.m. show on Saturday, Dec. 10, at the Grey Eagle. They’ll have two great bands with them: Plankeye Peggy and Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands.