Asheville Music Weekend: Ashley Heath, Chuck Lichtenberger, Papadosio


Here’s a look at some of what’s happening on the Asheville music scene this weekend, including an album release show with Ashley Heath, from contributor Caleb Calhoun:

Ashley Heath Album Release Friday Night at Asheville Music Hall

Another great weekend of quality local music kicks off Friday night at Asheville Music Hall as Ashley Heath and Her Heathens release their new album, Where Hope Never Dies. Heath, formerly of Raising Cain, has been building a following since her first release in 2016.

In fact, with a little help from the universe, the musicians in both bands are the same.

“When I went to release the last album it was supposed to be a duo and my guitar player dipped out right before,” Heath explains. “I was like, ‘Well, I may as well use these boys since we are already in a band.’ We had like one practice before the show and that was like two years ago.”

Still, the songs were a mix of Heath’s and her former guitar player’s. Furthermore, they had all been written as duets, making it difficult to translate exactly to the feeling of a full band.

Because of that, “it has more of a folk vibe,” Heath deliniates, “even though it does have some rocking guitar solos. With the new album, it’s all my original songs and it’s my own band that I’ve been playing with for the last two years. We can read each other really well on stage and it’s more of the rock and blues and country that I had to hold back on the last album.”

The album, which was recorded at Sedgwick Studios in Hendersonville and at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, was produced by Ryan Burns and engineered by Clay Miller, the same team that produced their first album. With the exception of Mike Barnes playing slide guitar on a few tracks, this is also the same band she recorded with last time.

Still, the excitement is evident in her voice as she speaks about the opportunity to release this album to her hometown fans.

“My shows in the past, pushing the limits has been like, yeah, it’s not really in my comfort zone,” she confides. “But for this one our logo has lips and wings and so I’m gonna do the 80’s thing… I’m wearing my Rolling Stones lips T-shirt and ripped jeans and biker boots. So put on your leather and your lipstick and come out!”

Chuck Lichtenberger at The Mothlight Sunday Night

Easily one of the most recognizable musicians on the Asheville scene, Chuck Lichtenberger has been a part of making incredible music in these mountains for a lot longer than I can remember (15 years, conservatively).

Lichtenberger made a name for himself as a member of one of Asheville’s most iconic trios, Stephaniesid. He’s a creative and tasteful improvisor on the keys. He’s moving into a whole new direction as a solo act, and he’s taking that versatility and talent to a different level.

Lichtenberg’s music is intensely personal, born from his struggles with depression, anxiety, hurt and pain. It’s balanced with his perspective of the entire universe existing as one divine comedy. Listeners can expect to experience a whole range of emotions throughout this show, and leave it feeling a little less alone in what can often be a dark and hurtful world.

Papadosio at The Orange Peel

If you’re into the jam scene, it’s a safe bet that this show is already on your weekend radar. Papadosio as a band spans genres, from rock to psychedelia to jam to jazz. Formed in Athens, Ohio, more than a decade ago, the members now call Asheville home.

The band has solidified itself as a cornerstone of the festival and jam scene on the East Coast while drawing solid crowds nationwide. Innovative and original, they’re known for their energetic and technically exceptional live shows. They’re also known for having one of the kindest, happiest, chillest fan bases going.

Playing both Friday and Saturday night for this hometown gig should be no problem with the extensive catalog of music they’ve written and recorded over their career. With one of the best light shows in the business and plenty of tonic punch to go with it, expect parts of your brain, and possibly your face, to melt right off. I’ll be there Saturday with you all, ready to lose my mind with the rest of the Dosi’s. I hope you will too.

The Meadow at Highland Brewery Reopening

The Meadow, the outdoor venue at Highland Brewing Company will be reopening for the season this weekend with a slate of bands scheduled to perform on Friday evening, including Chicken Coop Willaye and The Paper Crowns band.

The beautiful Meadow will host to a number of national acts this summer. This Friday however, it’s all about the locals. Local talent, local beer, and an invitation to the local community means that odds are you are going to see all the people you haven’t run into while it’s been cold out.

It should be a lovely evening filled with friends and family. Gather up your family and make your way out.