Asheville Fungi in West Asheville: It’s open!


“Mushroom central” is now open at 16 Allen Street off of Haywood in West Asheville. Conveniently located near Small Terrain for all your urban homesteader shopping needs!

Hours are 11 a.m.- 6 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday and 1-6 p.m. Sunday.

From the Asheville Fungi website:

We now have plugs and sawdust spawn of Shitake 75, Lions Mane, Red Reishi, Blue Oyster, And Many others….! We have lots of ready to fruit five pound bags. Take them home, cut them open and enjoy some delicious mushrooms…. Call 828-301-0395 OR COME ON BY THE SHOP.

Asheville Fungi’s MUSHROOM CENTRAL is a sterile lab, spawn room, grow room and retail mycological supply store all in one. Our philosophy is to utilize waste stream resources from local businesses to grow delectable mushrooms. Such items include spent brewery and distillery grain, spent coffee grounds, used paper products, sawdust, and wood chips. We offer a wide variety of products for all of your mushroom growing needs, including colonized agar plates, liquid culture, grain spawn, sawdust spawn, ready to fruit, five pound grow bags and colonized wooden dowels suitable for innoculating logs. Our retail store offers anything and everything mushroom related including art, books, clothing, and an amazing selection of equipment and supplies for every level of cultivation.

The new shop has local mushroom expert Joe Allawos as part of its crew,and it holds monthly mushroom cultivation classes. It’s also the proposed site of a new wild foods market.

Asheville Fungi website

Santa brought me some King Oyster mushrooms in my very own “grow bag” full of spent coffee grounds, hardwood sawdust and local wood chips. Looking forward to seeing how my garden grows!