Asheville developers of buy local smart phone app expand to Chattanooga, Greenville, Boca/Delray


Congratulations to Ted and Flori. Press release here:

After a successful launch in late January 2014, Local Flavor AVL is sharing their unique platform to help support local businesses in three new cities, with partnerships in Chattanooga, TN, Greenville, SC, and Boca Delray, FL.

Local Flavor, the 2013 Asheville Startup Weekend winners, have been filling a gap for independently-owned Asheville businesses and organizations by providing a first-of-its-kind mobile app and website where businesses have complete creative control over their content while connecting them directly to consumers. Since its launch on January 27th of this year, the app has been downloaded over three thousand times, showing exponential potential to supply information on local businesses and happenings to Asheville newcomers, locals, and the over nine-million yearly tourists.

The overwhelmingly positive response from users and businesses in the first few months has encouraged co-founders Ted and Flori Pate to share their idea with three other cities and help spread the “love of local” movement beyond Asheville.

“Asheville has proven to be an ambassador of the ‘love of local’ and since day one, our mission has been to level the playing field for local businesses in today’s digital marketing space,” said Ted Pate, co-founder and marketing director for Local Flavor AVL. “We want to fuel the fire of the ‘support local’ movement and celebrate what separates unique towns from typical generic, Anywhere, USA locations.”

According to Flori Pate, co-founder and creative director, Local Flavor AVL will work with long-time colleagues in the three new cities to ensure that the expansion is executed strategically, while still emphasizing the local movement in each town individually.

“We set out to create a way for local businesses that have to compete with larger companies, chains and big box stores with large marketing budgets,” said Pate, “The three new locations available are Greenville, SC, Chattanooga, TN and Boca Raton/ Delray Beach FLA.

“ The opportunity to further the trend of supporting local is something we feel very passionate about and the momentum we have in Asheville is key,” said Ms. Pate.

Those who download the free app, available at The App Store and Google Play, can easily switch between locations with one simple tap. There is a “Change Your City” button where Local Flavor App users can rotate among these four cities’ best local businesses. This greatly increases exposure for drive-to and feeder cities and is also a key incentive for users to keep the app on their phones for future travels. This could easily more than triple the amount of exposure that Asheville members receive as the Local Flavor App is promoted in 3 new states. Charleston and Savannah are the next cities where Local Flavor will soon launch.

Local iconic establishments in each new city are already supporting Local Flavor and are excited to be early adopters of the movement to support their communities. New Local Flavor members in Greenville include Barley’s, The Swamp Rabbit Inn, Trappe Door, Ponthieux’s Jewelers, 4 Rooms, Roots and The Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery. Local Flavor Chattanooga members already include 1885 Grill, Tremont Tavern, Taco Mamacitas, Urban Stack, Milk & Honey, Community Pie, Clyde’s on Main, Brewhaus, Printree, and Track 29. Local Flavor Boca Delray is also ramping up with members that include Go All Day Clothing & Athletic Wear, Josephine’s Italian Restaurant, Salon Rumors and Wow Printing & Graphics. Press releases in the these new cities will go out mid July announcing Local Flavor’s expansion.

Local Flavor’s mission to support community non-profits is also expanding to these cities including Pedal for Pennies, Northside Neighborhood House, The UNFoundation, and area food banks to name a few.

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