Asheville chef William Dissen to speak before Congress on sustainable seafood


Market Place chef/owner William Dissen will be speaking before Congress, along with Chapel Hill chef Andrea Reusing of The Lantern Restaurant, about sustainable seafood and better management of federal fisheries.

From Dissen himself:

I’m working in conjunction with the Environmental Defense Fund. Details are still TBD, but the premise is to speak to Congress about the importance of sustainable seafood and to help bring attention to the need of fishing regulations to our federal fisheries.

For instance, around the NC & SC coast, Snapper & Grouper populations are overfished and these fish aren’t able to grow to their adult sizes. This has a dramatic effect on our ecosystem.

I believe that I’ll be speaking with Andrea Reusing, of Lantern Restaurant (Chapel Hill, NC), to discuss regulations in South East fisheries.

I’ll be in DC from 2/12-2/14. That’s really all I know right now, but it looks like there will be some fellow Seafood Watch Ambassadors there (i.e. Rick Moonen – rM Seafood Las Vegas, NV) to discuss fishery regulations in other regions.

We’ll keep you posted as more details arise about Dissen’s trip.

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