Asheville Chef Katie Button to host ‘The World’s Best Chefs’ television show


Asheville star Chef Katie Button (of Curate restaurant) will host a new television show called The World’s Best Chefs this fall. The show, which will first air on Fox Life in Spain, will do just what the name implies – profile top chefs around the world. Ferran Adrià and José Andrés are just a couple of the cooks that Button will be telling TV viewers about.

Button’s husband and Curate colleague, Felix Meana, made the announced Tuesday night via Facebook. The two were in Barcelona for the big kickoff. Here’s his post:

Finally we can share the news and say why we had this trip to Barcelona planned….the premiere of a new TV Show called The World’s Best Chefs. Katie had the opportunity to be the host of the series, traveling to some of the best restaurants in the world, working in their kitchens and talking to some of the most influential chefs of the world. Here are photos from the premiere with some of the chefs represented in the show, Ferran Adria, Andoni Aduriz, and Massimo Bottura.

Here’s a bit more about The World’s Best Chefs via

Congratulations, Spain, you’re getting an amazing-sounding television show all about famous chefs. The lifestyle channel Fox Life is launching in Spain this October, reports Digital TV Europe, and with is comes a new series called The World’s Best Chefs. The show will be introducing viewers to world class chefs, and on the roster so far are Ferran Adrià, José Andrés, Massimo Bottura, Michel Guérard, and Joan Roca.

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Wolfgang Pluck September 6, 2014 - 8:17 am

I’m just curious. Who in the world is bank rolling what is obviously a world class marketing machine for this woman?

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