Asheville artists donate proceeds of Organic Armor headbands to ACLU


Paul and Jennifer are great, and their Organic Armor pieces are amazing. Consider supporting them. Here’s the press release:

Local Artists Make Circlets with Civil Rights Super Powers!

Organic Armor has been making elegant headwear for cosplayers, merfolk, bellydancers, and festival revelers around the world for many years. While working in their Riverview Station studio, Paul Hersey and Jennifer Murphy listen to a lot of news, podcasts and talk radio. What they hear lately has been alarming. Until now they have kept their politics out of their business, but they feel they have to do more.

“Things have gotten too scary to stay silent.” said Paul. “I don’t want my grand kids wondering why we didn’t do more to stop it, the way we wonder about people in 1930’s Germany.”

So they write letters to Congress and show up at protests. Being full time artists in a mom and pop business, they don’t have much money to give to causes, but they’ve decided work around that. They are now donating a portion of each sale of their new filigree circlet line to the American Civil Liberties Union.

“The circlets are not only beautiful, they have a secret super power. Sales will help provide legal armor to those who need it most. The ACLU has been defending civil rights for almost 100 years.” said Jennifer.

For the next 6 months 25% of the profits on their circlets will be donated. The circlets are elegant headbands of intertwining gold or silver cord, accented with crystals, shells and other ornament, and made with their unique sculpted rubber technique. Perfect to wear to a ball, a convention, or a protest!

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