Asheville Art Museum: We’ve raised $11.5 million toward art museum expansion


UPDATED: I reported the incorrect fundraising total in my initial post. Here’s the correct information.

In the wake of an onslaught of criticism by a Asheville mayor Ken Michalove, the Asheville Art Museum has offered up an update on its ambitious plans to expand its museum space inside the Pack Place center in the heart of downtown. The museum reports that it has raised $11.5 million toward its goal of $24 million.

Michalove in recent weeks has been highly critical of Asheville City Council’s decision to give the museum another $2 million in taxpayers’ money to the museum. On Tuesday, Michalove accused two council members of unethical behavior in their dealings with the museum.

Michalove background here and here and here.

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Arts Administrator July 25, 2013 - 11:07 am

Check the press release. ” As of July 2013, the Asheville Art Museum is over two-thirds (66%)
of the way toward meeting its capital construction goal
($17 million) . . ” It’s overall goal is $24 million. It’s capital construction goal is $17 million. Two-thirds of $17 million is approximately $11 million. So not quite half-way to its overall goal. A good reporter will also ask for clarification: how much of that is cash on hand, how much in pledges.

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