Asheville Ale Trail checks out Wicked Weed Brewing


Wicked Weed: Killer apps

Local beer journo Gary Glancy, whose coverage of Sierra Nevada’s “beer camp” collaboration was great, checked out the new Wicked Weed Brewing downtown. From his piece on the Asheville Ale Trail blog:

“The spectrum of beers we’re opening with is a direct reflection of our vision of what Wicked Weed’s take on beer is,” said brewer Walt Dickinson, one of five partners in the business along with his brother, Luke. “And so everything is very hop-forward; it’s very dry and very drinkable but with a lot of flavor. And our Belgians are big and in your face, but at the same time they’re clean and dry and crisp.”

The brewing team is comprised of both Dickinson brothers – who have been making beer together the past 10 years – and their friend, Eric Leypoldt, who Walt calls “the guts of the brewery … making it happen.” Luke Dickinson and Leypoldt previously worked for revered Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware.


Speaking of food, the Wicked Weed team refers to its menu as “seasonal, well-priced and unbelievably delicious.” Led by Chef Jason Saunders (formerly of Table) and Sous Chef Cardiff Creasey, plates include such appetizers as calamari ($9) and an artisanal cheese plate ($12); sandwiches including corn dusted trout ($10) and bratwurst ($8); burgers; entrees starting out with Sunburst trout ($18), pork chop ($19) and grilled strip steak ($18); plus desserts.

The upstairs restaurant also features a full-service bar with wine, liquor, brews (of course) and possibly some “beer cocktails.” The downstairs bar will have house beer and wine only.

Read the whole thing here.