An Asheville women’s business conference with a challenge: Ladies, step up your game


This isn’t your average business conference for women.

The Women’s Business Weekend, set for Saturday (Nov. 9)  at Mojo Coworking in downtown Asheville will certainly have gentle, supporting elements: an intimate setting; panel discussions; and shamanic healing sessions. But organizers Daniele Martin and Nicole Gianturco want attendees to know that they’ve organized an event that will challenge them.

The purpose of the conference is to get across the following message, Martin says: “Step up your game. Have some accountability. Be responsible for what you’re lacking and what you project. There’s a lot of talent here in Asheville and a lot of untapped resources. Engage yourself in the community and see what’s out there.

Martin and Gianturco know what they’re talking about. Martin’s resume includes a passion for health, wellness and economic justice, work in business development and community outreach with Asheville’s hottest social media and web consultancy, JB Media, and the forthcoming launch of a new e-magazine. Gianturco has a background in event management, having organized everything from presidential inaugural balls to U.S.-China trade negotiation talks.

This is the second year of the Women’s Business Weekend. This year’s event, which will be filmed for future use, runs Saturday and Sunday. It is packed with speakers and panel discussions featuring local success stories; everyone from Grace Gouin of Appalatch Design to Jane Hatley of Self-Help Credit Union. Last year’s attendees have raved about the conference, noting that it provided inspirational stories, useful information and a close setting that fostered support.

That’s exactly the way Martin and Gianturco see Asheville. The theme of the conference this year is “embracing a relationship-driven economy.” That’s a strong, female-centered approach to work that fits Asheville and fits successful entrepreneurs, the two say.

Says Martin: Asheville is a perfect place to create whatever you want. Women should at least have the faith in themselves to try it. Don’t be afraid to fall on your ass once or twice.”

Gianturco adds: “This conference is a huge investment in Asheville. Unless we start conversations that affect that change, we’re going to be having the same meetings as last year. Our balance here is that women have beautiful and natural proclivity toward relationship, and that’s celebrated in Asheville.

Cost is $60 per day or $110 for the weekend. Check it.


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Joy Harmon November 6, 2013 - 4:55 pm

Sounds wonderfully well-thought out and researched….I’m on my way to Boston for a few days with my kids and grandkids….so sorry I’m missing it, but I’ll get in touch when I get back and have a conversation about how we can benefit each other.

Thanks for recognizing the brilliance of female collaboration and cooperation….it’s why marriage has been so successful….men trying (and succeeding) to keep us apart…cause we always make changes when we get together…..good ones…that benefit everyone! joy

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