Amick wins race up Grandfather Mountain


The Watauga Democrat reports that Daniel Amick of Weaverville, who wins just about every damn race he enters, won The Bear at Grandfather Mountain on Thursday. It’s a 5-miler up the frackin’ mountain, with a gain in elevation of more than 1,500 feet over that course. Damn.

Story here:

The race begins in Linville and ends five miles later at the base of the Mile High Swinging Bridge atop Grandfather Mountain, an elevation gain of 1,568 feet.

More than 950 runners lined up for the 15th annual running of The Bear at Grandfather Mountain.

As Bear runners approached the mountain, they were met with heavy fog and cool temperatures.

The weather conditions seemed to be just the trick for Daniel Amick, from Weaverville, N.C. The 25-year-old completed the race in 31 minutes and 1.9 seconds. This is Amick’s fifth time running The Bear.

“I liked the fog because I couldn’t see the last hill,” Amick said. 

“I also liked having someone to run with because of the camaraderie,” added Amick about second place winner, Stewart Moran.