American Crow Page 3


The syndication of a new local graphic novel continues.

From creators Brent and Tiziana:

Thank you all so very much for a great opening weekend! All of your kind words, both online and in person, have meant a lot  to both of us. To thank you for your patronage, here’s another page!


We’re currently planning on making Thursday our official update day. However, there might be more surprise update days, like this one. The best way to keep up is to subscribe. If you use an RSS reader, click on the Subscribe button, right underneath the comic. You’ll get every new page, as soon as they go up. And if you’re not using an RSS reader, I can’t recommend it enough, especially for webcomics. Once you have it set up, it’s a really convienent way to get your comics, news, and whatever else delivered to one place.

And last, for those of you that aren’t familiar with our work, we have a whole other comic that’s been going on since 2010. It’s called Hair and Therapy, and while some of the early pages look more and more like baby pictures to us, there is a lot of it, and it keeps getting better (we hope). And there will be a new page of Hair and Therapy this week, as well. I just finished inking it.


Check out the American Crow intro and pages 1-2 here.