Zombies attack Asheville in new video from Agent 23: ‘Shambles’


Looks like Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is sharing the video to his new single, “Shambles,” as Agent 23 in part to help make sure fans know the video is PG-13 for Halloweeny zombie violence, blood and scary images. (Skidoo, formerly of Asheville and just relocated to California this month, is primarily known formaking music for a young audience. But according to his publicist, Skidoo’s new release, Monkey Wrench, “is an album chock full of positive hip-hop geared towards adults and teens.”)

His new video, just released this weekend, was filmed at the 2011 Asheville Zombiewalk and features Ashevilleans as a horde of attacking zombies. There’s also an Orbit DVD cameo.

Happy zombie walk weekend. Enjoy!

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