ActionFest 2013 is shot down for April; planning continues


ActionFest, the action film festival held in Asheville the last three years, is DOA for April of this year. Word is that there may be plans to hold it later in the year. Here’s all that’s posted on the site:

ActionFest is growing fast as a Film Festival and in other important ways, with exciting new opportunities to expand the Brand and the Mission. This rapid growth has caused us to make a change in our routine this year. “ActionFest” will not take place in April as it has the past three years, as we take the needed time to organize the growth and develop the wonderful opportunities that, we believe, will excite you all.

Very sad news. This was a great event. An event that brought Chuck Norris to Asheville, for crissakes. Good luck to them as they get organized, and hopefully they’ll be back.

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Smytty February 23, 2013 - 12:47 pm

RIP Jet Pack Man

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