ActionFest ’12 announces opening, closing films for Asheville film festival


Here’s the press release via

At last! We are honored to announce ActionFest’s Opening Night film on Thursday, April 12 is the Regional Premiere of Michael J. Bassett’s Solomon Kane, a swashbuckling, visceral medieval epic starring James Purefoy (John CarterRome) and Max von Sydow, and based on legendary stories by Conan The Barbarian creator Robert E. Howard! Ain’t It Cool News declares, “This movie f**king kicks about 12 different kinds of ass.” Trailer »

ActionFest’s Closing Night film on Sunday, April 15 is the Regional Premiere ofWu Xia, starring internationally renowned martial arts actor and fight directorDonnie Yen (HeroIron MonkeyIp Man) as a man with a troubled past who’s being hunted by old school kung fu cinema icon, Jimmy Wang Yu (The One-Armed Swordsman). Time magazine describes Wu Xia as “Both sensuous and thoughtful, a treat for the spirit as well as for any moviegoer longing for a well-made film involving brave heroes and dreadful villains.” Trailer»

We are extremely excited to announce that this year’s ActionFest Fight Choreographer Award will go to J.J. Perry, who has wowed audiences with spectacular fights in WarriorUnderworld: Awakening, and Haywire. One of the most prolific high-profile choreographers in Hollywood, Perry has projects with Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, and Quentin Tarantino slated for future release. Check out our interview with J.J. Perry on the ActionFest Blog »

We think the ActionFest 2012 poster is a real knockout (see it here), thanks to award-winning comic book artist Kagan McLeod, whose work has been published in Entertainment WeeklyThe Hollywood ReporterTimePeople,Glamour and GQ. His debut graphic novel Infinite Kung Fu, an epic homage to chop socky films of the ’70s, was published last year and has been named one of the best graphic novels of 2011 by Publishers Weekly. Look for the poster around Asheville!

As previously announced, ActionFest will also honor legendary stuntman Mickey Gilbert (Ben HurThe Wild Bunch) with the Lifetime Achievement Award, and pioneer in women’s MMA and Haywire star Gina Carano with the Chick Norris (Best Female Action Star) Award.