About that Asheville snowstorm: From the cover of the NYT to the Subaru canoe, a recap


Like many of you, I peaced out and took time to soak up an increasingly rare event in Asheville: a real snowstorm. I relished the quiet enforced by the ice-covered roads. I skated down a neighborhood hill on a River Rat while Sammie chased along. I binged on Don Draper drama and doughnuts.

Now it’s time to get back to it, so here’s a quick review, in no particular order, of a few highlights:

-Asheville recorded anywhere from 8 inches to more than 1 foot of snow during the course of the storm, which started early Friday and continued through Saturday. Ray’s Weather has snow totals here.

-Asheville made the front of the New York Times on Saturday with a hauntingly lonely photo by freelancer George Etheredge. Here’s the snowstorm photo of Biltmore Avenue in Asheville.

-Video taken from a Friday noon live shot of WLOS reporter Lauren Brigman reporting on the storm went viral. The video, which shows Brigman standing by the Bowen Bridge when a SUV spins out behind her. Brigman was oblivious at the time. Check out the video.

-Mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi, got 66 inches of snow over the course of the weekend snowstorm, reports the Asheville Citizen-Times. (paywall)

-ABC News reporter Steve Osunsami was reporting live from Asheville during the snowstorm. He reported live outside the Market Place Restaurant on Wall Street (and had his photo taken with the restaurant crew.) And the above photo os Osunsami was shot by @BrandonBaur.

-One of the funniest/weirdest/bestest videos to come out of the weekend Asheville snowstorm was that of a Subaru pulling a canoe around a West Asheville neighborhood, and down Haywood Road. Turns out that the canoeist was non other than Jonathan Wainscott, who had some high-profile legal troubles as he was preparing to run for Asheville City Council. Check out instagram/jharrison22001 for a video clip.

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