A Second Gear story of bike love and a friendly community


Second Gear

Here’s the Craigslist ad:

Did you buy the Gunnar at second gear?

I went in to buy the Gunnar and you beat me to it!
Perhaps you already have a sweet bike or two and just couldn’t resist the great deal on the Gunnar.
I am just a poor lonely and very tall man looking to return to mountain biking after a ten year hiatus.
Perhaps if you don’t really need the Bike, you should considering selling it to me at a small profit so that I may begin a new chapter of mountain biking in my otherwise bereft life….

Should have jumped on it

Eric at Second Gear says “The story has a happy ending – the gentleman who originally bought the bike returned it to us so that the guy who missed the deal could have it!  Don’t you love our local community?”