A juiced online beer poll, an Oskar Blues and Burial Beer collaboration and Voter Fraud ale


Here’s the story of how two Asheville-area beer-makers had fun with a situation that could have gone sour:

A few weeks back, the Asheville Ale Trail guys launched an online poll asking people to pick WNC’s favorite stout of 2013. The list of beers included several brews, including stouts made by Oskar Blues and Burial Beer.

The folks at Oskar Blues picked up on the poll and pushed it out to their national network of followers. As the poll closed, Oskar Blues was in the lead. But the following morning, Burial Beer’s stout held the top spot, and by a solid margin.

Oksar Blues called foul. The Asheville Ale Trail folks investigated and found that someone had, indeed, juiced the poll. Oskar Blues came out on top.

About the same time, Oskar Blues and Burial Beer were collaborating on a beer, a sessions dark ale. After the poll kerfuffle, the two decided to make light of the situation in naming the collaboration beer. Thus the name Voter Fraud.

You can taste the beer, and get more insider beer info, on Sunday at the Tasty Weasel tap room at Oskar Blues’ brewery in Brevard. A keg will be tapped at 2 p.m.

And just for the heck of it, here’s more on Burial Beer events from Tony Kiss, the Asheville Beer Guy:

Thursday night, Burial will release Mangleknife Barleywine, a 10.7 abv barleywine with flavors of caramel, toffee and piney hops.

On Friday, Burial hosts the Counter Culture Coffee Saison Series made with a base saison and four different coffees from Counter Culture.