A drink with punch! Joe Rogan tweets his love for Asheville’s Buchi kombucha


Asheville-based Buchi kombucha got a big boost yesterday when celebrity Joe Rogan tweeted that he was a fan of their fermented drink. Here’s what the Buchi folks posted on Facebook and Twitter:

WHOA!!! Our twitter is blowing up ever since Joe Rogan tweeted us! We’ve even been asked if Buchi wants to sponsor an MMA fighter! Check this out:

@JoeRogan: I just tried my first @buchi_kombucha and I’m in love. Stuff is delicious!

If you don’t follow us already, find us @buchi_kombucha and join the party!

From the Buchi twitters:

Joe Rogan ‏@joerogan 24 Mar
I just tried my first @buchi_kombucha and I’m in love. Stuff is delicious!

Buchi ‏@buchi_kombucha 3h
@folmz @joerogan kombucha is an ancient beverage made by fermenting tea with a probiotic culture. check us out: http://www.drinkbuchi.com

Buchi ‏@buchi_kombucha 2h
@joerogan So glad you love it! Which element did you try? Next trip to #Asheville come tour our brewery and meet the hot mamas who make it!

Buchi ‏@buchi_kombucha 2h
@mikbre @joerogan Especially with goldschlager & spiced rum! We sold through a two month supply @EarthFare in a week! http://drinkbuchi.com/blogs/news-notices/new-appalachian-holiday-tradition-takes-root …

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Sarah March 25, 2013 - 8:49 pm

I love buchi so much. If I needed sponsors in my life, I’d definitely want buchi on board. And Smiling Hara. And French Broad Chocolates. Yay, Asheville!

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