In a story about all the development poised to spring up on Asheville’s South Slope, Mountain Xpress reporter Emily Patrick reports that Tolliver’s Crossing in West Asheville is moving to lower Coxe Avenue in the spring.

Tolliver’s, a restaurant and bar, will be close the McCormick Field in its new location. The owner also tells Xpress that there’s the possibility of a rooftop patio at the new 5,000-square foot space.

What else is going on down on the south side of downtown?

A new brewery, Burial Beer Co., is getting set up nearby on Collier Street.

Chef Elliott Moss is planning a barbecue restaurant called Buxton Hill on Banks Street.

The sale of two Coxe Avenue lots, including the Chrysler Building, that had gone through foreclosure proceedings.

Coxe Avenue is heating up with new development plans. This vacant lot was recently sold.
Coxe Avenue is heating up with new development plans. This vacant lot was recently sold.

I recently wrote about the South Slope changes for the Asheville Citizen-Times here. Want to see what Banks Street looks like now? Check out this Banks Street photo gallery.



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  2. Sounds like someone has an ax to grind. Were you turned down for a date, fido? LOLZ

  3. thanks smytty. makes sense. just time for bar owners to start hiring good, experienced bartenders that have a sense of responsibility and the desire to be pro(s). i know i will be labeled as bitter, but t&a doesn’t always much for my’s a dangerous world out there with the proliferation of medication abuse out there.

  4. shutup.
    why they think they can do better on the slope than in west ashe?
    how about some more mindless bartenders?

    • Because people in West Asheville aren’t looking for a meathead bar, they’d rather have a dive bar or a hipster bar.

      Downtown has Beirgarden, Wild Wings, etc and is more likely to have people watching sports and slamming Bud Lite.

      Makes perfect sense to me.

  5. why not call it the new West Asheville?

  6. Asheville Foodie is correct. Please do not add one of those completely overused acronyms. Keep it local. South Slope.

  7. Asheville Foodie says:

    Do not make a stupid acronym. There is only one SoHo. Everything else is posing.

  8. I’m curious why you can’t just accept “South Slope?” It’s the same number of syllables as all of the cutesy little names you keep coming up with.

  9. Buxton Hill

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