Michael T. Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former national security advisor, was spotted Thursday sipping a beer and playing ping-pong at Twin Leaf Brewery.

Loyal Ashvegas reader John messaged me Friday morning to say that a friend of his approached Flynn to ask him if he was, indeed, Trump’s former national security advisor. Flynn responded in the affirmative, John reports, and asked, apparently jokingly, “Are you wearing a suicide vest?”

When asked what he was doing in Asheville, Flynn said he likes visiting the mountain metropolis because nobody notices him.

The story took another little twist on Friday afternoon when Twin Leaf Brewery owner Tim Weber reported that Flynn apparently wasn’t the most friendly bar patron. From Weber on Facebook:

There was this guy, being kind of a dick, and repeatedly slamming his ping pong padle on the table. We go through a lot of broken paddles, and that table is loosing life. I walked up to him and his wife and asked them to please stop banging on the table as things break. He looked at me like who the hell are you, and he continued hitting the table. AJ was close to throwing him out. We were like, WTF this dude’s and adult and still being a dick and acting like a young bro. Didn’t realize… Look who it was.

In December Flynn pleaded guilty in federal court to lying to investigators looking into allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. The former Army general, who has won numerous over his career, served as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

President Barack Obama fired Flynn, who went on to join the Trump campaign. Flynn served on Trump’s transition team after he won the 2016 presidential election, then was appointed national security advisor. Flynn served just 24 days in that position before Trump fired him.

Flynn, pleaded guilty to lying to the F.B.I. about conversations with Russian ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak in December 2016. His conversations were part of a coordinated effort by Trump’s aides to create foreign policy before they were in power, documents released as part of Flynn’s plea agreement show, according to a New York Times report.




  1. Looks a little young to be General Flynn, in my opinion anyway.

  2. Apparently, after Flynn was fired by Obama, Colin Powell said in some leaked emails that part of the reason was that Flynn was “abusive of staff”. So abusing that ping-pong table is just part of the guy’s MO.

    Seriously though, why is it that this guy isn’t in prison?

    • For the same reason none of the people complicit in the financial meltdown in 2008 are in prison, many doing much better now. Because Republicans have a totally different set of rules. Maybe that’s why they continue to get elected. People vote for Republicans because they feel if they vote for them, they can have the special set of rules too.

    • Enlightened Enigma says:

      for same reason that Hitlary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and Susan Rice are not in prison…protected evil democrackkks…Hitlary and Obama will be brought down, and if we’re lucky will die for their heinous actions.

  3. Flynn didn’t just vaguely admit he lied. The law doesn’t allow that. He admitted in writing that his lie “had a material impact” on the FBI’s probe “into the existence of any links or coordination between individuals associated with the [Trump] Campaign and Russia’s efforts to intervene in the 2016 election.”

  4. What, he’s a jerk who doesn’t respect other people’s property?? Surprise, surprise.

  5. Weavervilleman says:

    wow, nobody notices Flynn?!?!?! That has to be a joke.

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