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Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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A few assorted items:

The new pope
We have a pope. Ratzinger from Germany. Pope Benedict the 16th. The bells have been ringing, the white smoke pouring out of the chimney. I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat about this…

Mum not mayor
Ashvegas City Councilman Carl Mumpower, or the Power of Mum as I call him, is NOT running for mayor. He also notes in a recent e-mail that he may not run for re-election.

That’s interesting. Many thought he was. As y’all know, City Council elections will be held this year (filing starts this summer) and many local politicos will be watching closely.

One key question – will City Council move back to be dominated by the more liberal factions of the city. Right now, the tilt is toward business interests, with the Power of Mum, Joe Dunn, Jan Davis and Mayor Charles Worley.

But after last year’s presidential election, the left wing of the local Democratic Party came to power. The “Kucinich Democrats” are now well-organized and have been exercising their power at the grass-roots level, by getting people elected to represent at the state Democratic Party’s meetings and such. So we’ll see.

Of course, the current business-minded group followed the Leni years, when the granolas were in their heydey with Ashvegas’ first woman mayor.

Here’s the Power of Mum’s note in which he makes his statement. The note relates to the ongoing water wars between the city and county.

“I have no personal agendas in this matter and continue to be open to a water authority or city management depending on what facts and fairness lead us to.  I am not running for Mayor or using this matter as an attention getting opportunity, and, in fact, have serious questions about whether I will seek reelection to City Council.  Nonetheless, I am willing to accept the criticism and personal attacks my position affords.  Unlike many of the players in this process, whose actions poorly match their words, I am more concerned with the future of the people of Asheville and Buncombe County than I am my own.  It may be time for the media to consider a similar course.”

The Cookie Monster controversy
Have you read about the remaking of the Cookie Monster into a politicall correct healthy eater. I received this note back:

Your article about the Cookie Monster having his cookie eating limited resonated with me. I’ve begun an online petition in hopes of grabbing “Sesame Street” producers’ attention. Please consider raising awareness of the initiative. Thank you.
Here’s the petition.

Ashvegas new biz announcement
The Dirty Hoe Landscaping and Gardening; new service establishment; 111 Spooks Branch Road, 28804; Donna E. Price.

Imagine calling up and getting this woman on the phone: “Hi, the Dirty Hoe. How can I help you?”

Speaking of dirty ‘hos
I have it on good authority that Brian Peterson, former Ashvegas councilman who got tangled up in a scandal over his meetings with prostitutes, has been seen shopping at the new Wal-Mart Supercenter in east Asheville.

This is ironic. Petererson was the lone council “no” vote during the raging debate a few years ago when City Council struggled over whether or not to let developers build the massive shopping center along Swannanoa River Road.

Now he’s shopping there?! Have you no self-respect, man?! How the mighty have fallen.

Air guitar competition for the ages
Finally, if you’re an air guitar freak, here’s your chance (Tom, am I talking to you?) The Westville will host a regional competition in the National Air Guitar Championship.

The air guitarists have 60 seconds of a song of their choosing to get all the windmills in that they can. No prop are allowed, although you can wear big hair and headbands are encouraged. Finalists will compete against one another in the dreaded “mystery song” category.

The winner goes to LA for the nationals. That winner goes to the world competition in Finland in August.

Be at the Westville May 6.

I’ve got a friend who says he’s going to shock the competition by rocking out an acoustic air guitar.

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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  1. Paul Clark May 4, 2005

    I’m a reporter for the Citizen-Times. I’d love to interview your friend for the air guitar story I’m working on. Would you put me in touch with him by Thursday early afternoon? (ASAP is better) You can call me at 232-5854. Thanks, Paul Clark


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