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Here we go:

-Building down: The old house that was once home to the lovely Compliments to the Chef business on Merrimon Avenue has been torn down. There’s a big Spake Realty sign in front of the fresh pile of dirt. Don’t know what’s going in there.

-Rumor patrol: Folks on FB say they’ve noticed some work on the former Mike’s Side Pocket building on Haywood Road, a bar that was the site of brutal stabbings earlier this year. Someone on FB said they heard the folks from The Admiral across the street had bought the place.

-Jeb Bush coming to town: My Asheville Citizen-Times colleague Jon Ostendorff blogs that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is coming to Asheville for a GOP fundraising event.

-Sidewalk to nowhere: Why are we building sidewalks on Patton Avenue near the intersection with Leicester Highway? Just … why?

-Zach coming back? Local fashionista Sonia Hendrix FBs that funnyman Zack Galifianakis is coming back to Asheville soon. She posted a picture of she and him from when Galifianakis visited last time.



  1. Orbit DVD says:

    Sorry Jason, but I couldn’t disagree more with you about the sidewalks. I always see people using them. The population is moving to more affordable housing in Emma and Leicester Highway (have you seen how many units are down that road???) and there is a definite need.

    Also, Zach Galifianakis has a farm in the area and seems to be here at least once a year. My guess is when his movie career cools he’ll spend more time in WNC.

  2. I walk Patton to go to the stores from West Asheville neighborhood running along patton and use the sidewalks but there is a great need for crosswalks to cross more safely.

  3. Why are we building sidewalks? Maybe it’s so people have a safe place to walk, to get to the grocery store, to work, to the bus stop.

    • Jacque, yes, that is the point of building sidewalks. But it just doesn’t work on that part of Patton, which is high-traffic business highway designed to get cars, not people, in and out of strip shopping centers and fast food joints. very few people walk on the existing sidewalk there along Patton, and it doesn’t connect to any neighborhoods.

      • luther blissett says:

        “very few people walk on the existing sidewalk there along Patton”

        Really? Doesn’t sound like you spend much time out there. The bus route that goes from Patton up Leicester Hwy (W3 in the new system) is pretty well-used, and that includes lots of people who either do their shopping or work in the strip stores on Patton. You really want people tramping through muddy grass verges in fall and winter to ride the bus?

        • Luther, i live down Leicester Highway and travel that road, and Patton Avenue, several times every day. i might see one or two people tramping the grassy sidelines of Leicester Highway a day, and it is the same couple of people every time. Along Patton Avenue, i rarely see more than a handful of people walking the existing section of sidewalk that extends from the chiropractor shop to the intersection with Leicester.

  4. Your Copy Editor says:

    ” . . .She posted a picture of she and him . .” Make that, “She posted a picture of herself and him . . .” She didn’t post a picture of she.

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