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Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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Here’s a list of the top 10 property transactions by dollar figure in Buncombe County for 2016, as of Nov. 16. It was compiled by my friend and loyal reader Jess at Covestar Investment Realty Advisors. Jess painstakingly researched public records through the Buncombe County Tax Office to put this list together and add some interesting context.

The top three transactions all involved apartment complexes, which is interesting considering the apartment building boom we’ve had happening over the past few years in town. Several other of the biggest land transactions happened with property on Airport Road and/or Long Shoals Road, two major commercial corridors where lots of that apartment complex construction is happening.

Read on for more.

Top 10 real estate sales in Buncombe County in 2016 (by dollar figure)

1. $48,100,000 – The property is Ansley at Roberts Lake Apartments, located in Arden/ 24.67 acres purchased by Georgia LLC, SG Ansley Roberts Lake, LLC

2. $42,750,000 – The property is The Meadows Apartments, off New Leicester Highway in Asheville/ 35.53 acres purchased by Delaware Limited Partnership, Graybul Meadows, LP

3. $41,500,000 – The property is Verde Vista Apartments in East Asheville
a. 15.26 Acres purchased by North Carolina LLC, CCC Verde Vista, LLC

4. $8,000,000 – The property is at 419 Airport Road, the new retail center with Hobby Lobby/ 4.607 acres purchased by Florida LLC, Bayrock Ringling Exchange, LLC

5. $6,810,000 – The property is at 1 Skyland Inn Drive, off Long Shoals Road, across from Biltmore Park. This is where a hotel is being (or already has been) demolished and the BMW Dealer that’s currently on Airport Road will be moving/ 11.44 Acres purchased by Illinois LLC, LIB ASH, LLC

6. $6,392,500 – The property is at 1146, 1196 & 1226 Brush Creek Circle in Fairview/ residential land with a few homes on a portion of it/ 22.09 acres purchased by Winter Park, Florida Trust, Dayle L. Seneff Revocable Trust (the property was already within the family when it transferred to this Trust.)

7. $5,775,000 – The property is at 100 Airport Road. The commercial building on site is where Carolina Furniture Concepts will be moving and out-parcels are going to be made available for sale soon/ 11.66 acres purchased by North Carolina LLC, SMS Enterprises, LLC

8. $4,900,000 – The property is Spruce Hill Apartments in East Asheville/ 17.92 acres purchased by North Carolina Limited Partnership, Spruce Hill Preservation, LP

9. $4,115,500 – The property has access on Long Shoals Road in Arden and appears to be vacant land. The new owner entity is a developer/ 37.37 acres purchased by North Carolina LLCs, Scotts Hill Holdings, LLC (75% owner) & Long Shoals Land Holdings, LLC (25%)

10. $4,000,000 – These are properties at 9, 11, 13 & 15 Broadway Street and 24 & 28 Broadway Street in downtown Asheville/ 0.43 acres purchased by North Carolina LLCs, Downtown Wings, LLC & Downtown Center Stage, LLC/ this was local Realtor Jon Sarver and partners. Here’s the Ashvegas story on the purchase from April.

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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