Chef Steven Goff to Leave King James Public House in Asheville


Chef Steven Goff accepting the Judges Award for Best Specialty Wing at the 2015 Wing War.

In a statement to the press this morning, Chef Steven Goff kept it simple:

I am no longer employed with kjph.”

No further details were offered, and no indication was given as to what’s next for Chef Goff, or who will be replacing him at The King James Public House.

In a private conversation with Stu Helm, Chef Goff  said that he’ll be aiming to keep himself active in the Asheville culinary scene in the interim, with events like the upcoming Blind Pig and more.

While no concrete plans were mentioned, Goff expressed a desire to remain in Asheville, with a brick and mortar right Downtown, a food truck, and/or a catering business.

More information will be reported as it becomes available.

Editor’s note: Goff and King James Public House was just the subject of a profile piece in WNC Magazine. From that story, in the March edition of the magazine:

When King James Public House opened a year ago, one knew to expect exciting things from Chef Steven Goff. A graduate of Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College’s nationally noted culinary program, Goff had been a chef at Asheville tapas restaurant Zambra and helped open the irreverent Ben’s Tune-up. He was known as the “pastry and pickles guy,” he jokes, specializing in fermenting and pickling, and having devoted two of his four years at A-B Tech to the pastry program.

With King James, Peter Slamp (also owner/manager of Zambra) partnered with Goff to showcase the chef’s talents, creating hyper-local, elevated pub fare consisting mainly of smaller bites. On offer are duck wings, braised pork cheek, duck liver pâté, house-made pimento cheese, and Scotch eggs. There’s also a unique selection of monthly rotating appetizers and select entrées that always come beautifully plated with edible flowers or seasonal garnishes, such as paper-thin pink radishes and microgreens. Stick-to-your-ribs pub-grub this is not.



Beer braised pork cheek and kimchi grits a la Chef Goff at the King James Public House



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  1. smytty April 25, 2015

    Goff was just on WLOS and was introduced as “Steven Goff of KJPH” and was wearing a hat from the restaurant.

    Uodate? I thought he was a part owner in that enterprise, but if he has split it must be one of the more amicable splits.

  2. imjonnyquest April 17, 2015

    ok. this is this. and that is that. stu is NOT a food critic. he has an opinion. if so, he would have at least worked in a food establishment. I guess no. he eats. that’s it. he has opinions, that is it. he is a jerk that gets free it goes. take his OPINIONS for what they are.

  3. cwaster April 14, 2015

    He did indicate in an earlier interview he was for good wages for culinary staff. Considering the completely crap wages most kitchen staff get offered by the hordes of cheapskate restaurant owners around here, that probably didn’t help.

  4. adam April 14, 2015

    Hahaha. Surprise surprise. If you can’t cook,stay out the kitchen.

  5. Hootie April 14, 2015

    Jason, perhaps you need to change from Ashevegas to Trollvegas. The hate is strong in everyone.

  6. Elvis Presley Costello April 13, 2015

    Never heard of the chef or the restaurant

    1. Food Nerd April 13, 2015

      Your loss? Jesus, I hate this site anymore.

      1. Harry April 13, 2015

        So, you hate this site because this dude hasn’t heard of a chef and restaurant that have only been in existence for a year? In Asheville’s sea of restaurants?

  7. Eric April 13, 2015

    Does he really think he is so important that he needs a press release to announce that he got fired?

  8. Stu Helm April 13, 2015

    You’re obsessed with me, Harry. It’s weird and creepy.

    1. Harry April 13, 2015

      Don’t flatter yourself food boy. I’m just a crusader for truth.

      1. chris April 13, 2015

        Crusader for dipshittery, more like it.

        1. Harry April 13, 2015

          I see you’re still a little pecker head.

          1. chris April 13, 2015

            You’re a crusader for truth! You’re a veritable Glenn Beck! Cry us a single tear, will ya?

      2. indie499 April 14, 2015

        No worries, Harry. Obviously Stuey has some big time delusions as to his import in the food world.

        “In a private conversation….blah blah blah blah blah” Translation: my overrated friend got fired and asked me to pump up his credentials in hopes someone else would hire a guy not committed to customers, but needs a place to play with food.

  9. Javob April 12, 2015

    Anyone find it fishy that Stu Helm was a judge at the wing wars and his favorite little chef won? Also, who cares about Goffs departure! He is over rated and I find it hilarious that he has fooled Asheville into thinking he is some saint dedicated to his community. Anyone who knew him before his KJPH days can probably speak to what a scum bad he is

    1. Sidney Ann April 19, 2015

      Not true. Steve is a great guy and if you never got the chance to spend time with him then you clearly have no idea.

  10. Harry April 12, 2015

    You can rest assured that we will know in short order where he lands. There will be a 5 star advertisement “review” from Helm immediately following the announcement.

  11. Big Al April 12, 2015

    Probably got canned for his elitist statements about losing a piece of his soul every time he served common food to common people.

    Don’t let the door hit ye where the Good Lord split ye.

    (Please note ironic use of “King James” Olde English)

    1. Curious April 12, 2015

      Where and when did he say that?

    2. Stu Helm April 13, 2015

      Big Al, I had some hope in my heart at one point that you would lift yourself out of the mud, and veer away from your life of Trollism, because you seem like you’re almost a halfway decent person sometimes, but unfortunately it appears that you simply can not rise above the negativism.

      It’s sad, that you chose to align yourself with ass-hats like Harry above, rather than very nice, genuine, (actually) non-elitist people like Chef Goff? I guess you’re referring to the interview in which Steven made a joke about being tired of cooking the same chicken dish over and over and over again? Does he not have a right to express that frustration?

      That specific chicken dish to which he referred did and does remain on the menu, BTW.

      Since it seems as though you just CAN NOT stop yourself from posting comments, I challenge you to post nothing but positive comments for one whole week. I bet you can do it if you try. I’ll get you started…

      Big Al says… “I’ll be looking forward to seeing who the new chef at the King James is!”

      1. Kipper April 13, 2015

        *slow clap*

      2. Big Al April 14, 2015

        Sorry I hurt your feelings pointing out what a snob your friend was. His “joke” WAS elitist and was made at the at the expense of customers who genuinely appreciated his food. It just happened that the food they liked wasn’t the food he wanted to cook.

        But in keeping with the spirit of your challenge, here is a positive remark: The GOOD news is that now he gets to cook whatever he wants for whomever he wants.

        That is, until he starts getting paid for it again, and then that inconvenient matter of customer satisfaction returns. Just cook and leave the comedy for the professionals.

  12. Who knew April 11, 2015

    Shocker! I can’t believe the north Asheville crowd doesn’t want a punk/hipster bar in their neighborhood.

    1. Kipper April 14, 2015

      The restaurant isn’t going anywhere, the chef is leaving. This doesn’t sound to me like the locals weren’t supporting the space. My impression here is that there was an internal conflict.

      1. indie499 April 14, 2015

        You mean because the owner fired the chef? Yep, sounds like a conflict.

      2. Who knew April 14, 2015

        Nobody said the restaurant was closing. Goff’s buddies, style, and musical preferences don’t align with the North Asheville crowd. Hipster/punk doesn’t mix with the GPI.


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