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I’m sure a lot of folks w/ cable TV have been seeing these anti-smoking commercials about the nice looking lady who lost her voice-box and got cancer at age 21 from smoking cigarettes.  Well I just noticed on the latest commercial that it said she is from Asheville, NC.

I checked out the official website for the campaign and it tells a bit more about her w/ copies of the commercial:

“The 2008 campaign introduces the moving story of Reena, a 29-year-old single mother from Asheville, NC. Reena started smoking at 13, was diagnosed with throat cancer at 21, and had to have her voice box removed in order to survive. Reena’s powerful story is intended to wake people up to the reality that tobacco’s health effects can happen even at younger ages. In addition to agreeing to share her story through the TRU campaign, Reena currently works with SAVE (Survivors and Victims of Tobacco Empowerment) with the hope that her story will benefit others. Because of tobacco use, reading a story to her son will never be the same for Reena.”

Thought I’d pass it along.  It’s a good campaign and it is of local interest that she is from Asheville & has had to suffer such dire consequences of smoking.  It’s also and interesting topic of choice right now what w/ council voting to abolish smoking in all parks & green-ways & the dialogue that has created among the populace.

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