Here’s the press release:

Come join us for drinks to celebrate the launch of the WNC AdGuild.

Friday March 16, 5.30pm- 7.00pm at The Artery, 346 Depot Street, Asheville.

We have music, we have beer, wine and nibbles and we’d love to see you!

WNC AdGuild is an online ad network, linking web and mobile publishers of blogs and gateway websites in the mountains of Western North Carolina to regional advertisers. This allows independently owned and operated businesses in the mountains to advertise online to residents and visitors in a simple and effective manner.

There is a burgeoning movement across the country and a strong commitment in our area to the idea of keeping your dollars local.  Here is an opportunity to help your neighbors while helping yourself. We want to see the unique economic climate in our area flourish and we are committed to supporting businesses and bloggers.

Come along and find out more about how you can become a member of the AdGuild. Find out about our introductory specials. Help your business reach a new and vibrant market. Make the most of the time you spend creating content for web-publishing.

See the evite here and the facebook event here

For more information, contact:

Tracie Acreman
Head of Sales
WNC AdGuild: supporting creative business in the mountains

828.782.5588 ext 700

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