Custom-AR151Here’s what Asheville’s WLOS-TV posted on its town hall meeting on gun control. It’s unclear if there will be a panel fielding questions. I’m assuming the event is open to the public, but this announcement doesn’t make that clear. Will the event be aired live? Will it be streamed online? Will it be taped for follow-up stories later?

It’s been one month since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut. The National Rifle Association says it doubts Congress will pass any new gun control measures in the wake of the massacre. That’s drawing criticism for supporters of tougher laws.

Local NRA members say additional gun controls won’t stop criminals and those with mental problems from attacking innocent people. They say the NRA advocates safety and responsible gun handling for hunters and target shooters nationwide. The group opposes efforts to ban assault weapons and magazines that can hold dozens of rounds.

Others disagree and are asking local leaders to block the sales of military-style rifles. Gun control advocates are urging registration and background checks. NRA members say registration would allow the government to seize weapons from responsible gun owners. Join News 13 for a town hall discussion on gun control. We will debate the issue Thursday, January 24th at the Ag Center at 7:30 p.m. You can also watch live on

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  1. We’ve heard it all(absurd logic), from those who think
    it’s their right, to have the type of weapon military
    troops use on a battlefield or police swat teams use
    under extreme circumstances. You can have your rifles,shotguns,etc. for hunting purposes and
    self defense….no one is trying to take your guns
    away (though you drink the NRA kool aid that says so). No citizen NEEDS an AR-15 or automatic military style weapon. The Second Amendment law was written in 1791 and could never envision the excessive firepower that would come centuries later. If it is ‘your right’ to own a weapon the military uses, what is
    next…a grenade launcher?

  2. Bill Burnett says:

    The knee jerk reaction of the Liberals makes it much easier to blame an inantimate tool for the failure of society to handle evil people or those with mental issues. The common denominator of the mass shootings seems to be the medications being prescribed for so many of today’s youth that can cause violent outbursts. Another thread is the attacks happen in “Gun Free Zones” where instigatators know the victims are unable to defend themselves. My heart bleeds for those who have lost loved ones through the acts of criminals and/or mentally ill individuals but the answer is not to disarm everyone else so they cannot defend themselves against criminals or tyrants. The purpose of the Second Amendment is to guarantee the citizens right to do so.

  3. Aaron Penland says:

    In light of the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook many are asking why do you need a gun that can hold more than 10 rounds, 7 if you live in New York. I would ask them to question the fortunate surviors that were spared during the most recent terrorist attack in Algeria. If their horror story isn’t enough then ask a survivor from the attack in the village of Aswea on the outskirts of Holmes in Syria where more than 100 were assinated and their bodies burned where they dropped.

  4. They won’t be able to handle the security for all the wingnuts that will show up. Do you realize that people will be carrying concealed weapons on them with or without a permit. Who knows what they will have in their car. Geeez that’s crazy..

    • If the response by FDR is indicative of the level of discussion that will be held, no one who understands why the second amendment is a guarantee of our inalienable right to defend ourselves should show up for this. Just as in the above comment, many will show up with name calling and poorly thought out emotional arguments and the belief that if they shout these loud enough it will somehow make them right.
      Yes, if I come I will be legally armed. I will also have reasonable arguments that will be submitted respectfully. Somehow viewing the above, I don’t expect FDR to show the same consideration.

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