You know it’s sweeps when…

Every story’s about a freakin’ sex offender. “Sex offender moves to Buncombe County.” “Sex offender banned from park.” “Sheriff knocks on door of sex offender.”

And it’s not just WLOS. Seems like everybody’s doin it. Give it a rest, people. Puh-lease.

You also know it’s sweeps when Sheraldo is hot on the trail dumb teachers holding umbrellas in thunderstorms. And John “Punnyman” Le is interviewing chickens named Darcel Grimes. Give me a break.

Two Cadallics

JenX tried to hang with a top high school track athlete tonight in the triple jump. He showed her the moves, which ain’t easy, and she gave it a try. A very weak try. She said she figured he could jump the length of a tractor trailer. On Jen’s weak-ass attempt (just one was televised), Elijah generously gave her “two Cadillacs.”

I give ya one broke down ’79 Pinto. By the way, what happened to your Web site, Jen? It was working fine the other day.

Remember when…

Remember when Julie “Life’s a Wonder” Wunder got the giggles on TV and couldn’t even talk. It was a weekend night a year or so ago. Candace got ’em too. They both just stood there and were laughing so hard that the camera guy finally just had to go to commercial without Julie saying a single word about the upcoming weather report.

Whatever happened to…

The protest against WLOS’ license renewal?
Michelle Boudin’s weight loss program?
Heather “Hobo Jungle” Childers?


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