wlos_powerball_ticketsHere’s an odd promotion from WLOS-TV. The station says it has purchased 50 Powerball tickets and will split winnings of $10,000 or more with 13 randomly picked people. You have to give the station your name, address and email. From WLOS:

Don’t forget, we’re hoping to share the Powerball jackpot with YOU!
WLOS bought 50 tickets & will split any winnings of $10,000 or more with 13 randomly selected adults!
Just share this post, click here: http://bddy.me/SOnzs1 & register to win.
You have until 10pm Saturday!

Guess that’s one way to snag some good email addresses. The Powerball jackpot currently stands at $550 million and could increase again before Saturday night’s drawing. Remember: can’t win iffin you don’t play, and when the gravy train pulls in, everybody rides.

The odds of winning? Astronomical. Just saw Sheryl Barber, who put it this way: the odds are the same as getting bit by a white bear and a black bear in the same day. Ha!



  1. Thank u 13WLOS

  2. Love to be a winner with you folks I am a senior on a fixed income and could really use shared winnings God bless

  3. God bless all that enter!!!

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