Word is that Rashad McCants’ stock as a potential NBA baller has been dropping faster than a pair of Paris Hilton’s panties. What’s going on? The Citizen-Times has a story here</a a column here.

We’re watching Rashad because he’s from Ashvegas, because he played for the Tar Heels and because he’s just one of those characters you’ve got to watch. You don’t know what he’ll do next.

He’s apparently not been finishing workouts with teams, some mysterious “intestinal disorder.” His parents are saying it’s not the same stomach problem that took him out of several games during this past college season. Some ascribed his illness then to stress over the fact that his mother was dealing with some heavy cancer news.

It was probably just some bad food, according to his father, quoted here.

A lot was made during McCants’ time with the Heels about his attitude. It sucked, and I didn’t like it. The chip on the shoulder needs to be knocked off. The Junkyard Dog, as he likes to call himself, needs to be trained to heel a little bit.

Meanwhile, is other problem is that he’s a little undersized for his position at 6-3, and his defense is terrible. He’s projected to go about 20th in the first round in the draft, which will be held in a couple of weeks.

Maybe none of it all matters. Rashad knows a big paycheck is headed his way. He was right there with his cousin Cameron Maybin when Maybin was selected 10th in the Major League Baseball draft the other week.

It’s just us poor bloggers making something out of nothing.

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