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How many times could you jump rope in two minutes? If you knew that your effort could help save a life, would you be able to do more? On February 6, 2010, that’s just what participants in the HeartStrings fundraiser will be discovering for themselves.
Now in its eighth year, HeartStrings gives people the chance to exert themselves—literally—to raise money to provide necessary medical care to uninsured men and women throughout the county via Project Access. Over the last year, Project Access physician volunteers have contributed more than $14 million of free medical care to the low-income uninsured of Buncombe County. HeartStrings has a long tradition of combining fun and fundraising with physical fitness.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing CrossFit to this year’s HeartStrings fundraiser,” says Miriam Schwarz, CEO of Buncombe County Medical Society, the organization that administers Project Access.
The CrossFit workout at HeartStrings will consist of warm up/stretching, 10 minutes of two alternating exercises, and cool down. “We will teach people how to do some basic Crossfit exercises properly and safely,” says Coach Shanna Duvall, co-owner of CrossFit Asheville, the organizer of HeartStrings’ athletic activities, adding, “We chose activities that use minimal equipment and are adjustable so they’re accessible to any level of exerciser, which was one of our goals. No one should be excluded from fitness, just like no one should be denied necessary medical care.”
CrossFit teams are asked to raise at least $200 per individual team member. Your team can be anyone—your colleagues from work, your friends, or your family. The goal is to raise $40,000 for the 2010 event. Local businesses donate prizes which are then awarded to the top three fundraisers.

This year, HeartStrings organizers will also be announcing the “fittest” individuals in three categories—couch potato converts (vigorous exercise 1 or fewer times/week), weekend warriors (vigorous exercise 2-3 times/week), and athletic aces (vigorous exercise 4 or more times/week). Participants will also get HeartStrings t-shirts, snacks, and other gifts. 
Your help is needed. For information on joining or forming a team, call the Buncombe County Medical Society (BCMS) at 274-2267 or register directly online at To donate money, prizes, or to serve as a sponsor, call the same number, or e-mail

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