Thirsty Monk to open north Asheville location later this year

| August 15, 2013 | Comments (15)

ThirstyMonkBreweryPub1Exciting news! Press release here:

With all the excitement of Thirsty Monk South readying to serve the best of beer and an incredible food menu to South Asheville in Biltmore Park in late September, we started thinking…. What about all those beer lovers up in North Asheville? We can’t forget about them..

So, we’d like to announce that we have signed the papers to open up Thirsty Monk North in Reynolds Village in North Asheville / Woodfin. Our pub there will have a rotating tap selection as well as a full kitchen featuring our new mouth-watering pub menu. We expect to be open with many flowing taps before the holiday season.

Our Downtown Asheville Thirsty Monk loves the vibe of being in downtown Asheville. Biltmore Park has done a tremendous job creating “Downtown South Asheville” and Reynolds Village has been busy on the opposite end of town creating “Downtown North Asheville.” We’re excited to be a part of the growth of both of these New “Downtowns.” Both new Thirsty Monk locations will feature our large opening glass garage doors and lots of outdoor seating in a family friendly, relaxed pub setting.

As part of Thirsty Monk’s growth, we’re also adding brewing and fermentation capacity to our Thirsty Monk Brewhouse in Gerber Village, and will be finishing some of our brewed beers in fermenters and tanks at our Biltmore Park location. More Monk Beer for more Monk Beer Lovers!

We hope we have done our little part in helping to make Asheville the Worldwide Beer Destination it has become. Thirsty Monk is proud to be Asheville-grown. We’re proud of the national attention Asheville has received for its beer community and of our own local and national awards and accolades we’ve collected over the years- from Garden & Gun, Paste, Draft, All About Beer, Lonely Planet, Ratebeer, Imbibe, Beer Advocate, and many others.

And, our 4th Annual Thirsty Fest annual Rare Beer release week will be held September 2-8 at the Downtown Monk. On tap will be The Finest, The Rarest, The Most Exclusive beers that Thirsty Monk staffers have been hoarding throughout the year.

Last year, Thirsty Monk was voted #3 Favorite Beer Bar in the Country and #1 in the South by Nominations for 2013 are currently open and due by noon August 19, 2013. We ask for your support and to help spread the word. We have a link to the nomination form on our webpage.

Questions? Please contact Barry Bialik at

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Comments (15)

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  1. North Asheville Neighbor says:

    Thirsty Monk, good…. Woodfin…. bad….

  2. Dan Jackson says:

    Wush them luck. One of my concerns (and that of many others) is that the Woodfin police will be its downfall. Everyone knows not to drive through Woodfin after having a beer. That is why other restaurants and bars have steered clear. Woodfin police are over zealous. Look for many DWI checkpoints.

    • Debora Ramirez says:

      Dan is right. No one is going to chance it in Woodfin.

    • CraveRecords says:

      I, like my responsible neighbors, will happily walk the half mile to Reynolds Village. Currently, we’re all taking cabs or getting a DD to downtown anyway. (Or walking a mile in the other direction to Bywater.)

  3. […] the Thirsty Monk is kicking some ass. Earlier this week, owner Barry Bialik announced he was opening a Thirsty Monk North in Reynolds Village. He’s already got Thirsty Monk South in Reynolds Village off Hendersonville Road, and […]

  4. Smytty says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    Can’t wait.

  5. Doug S. says:

    Taking a big gamble with that location. I wish them luck.

  6. Chris says:

    Great spot. Should be a safe DX from banjo music and diaper-decked clientele

  7. Lexingtonian says:

    Glad to see growth and all but am I the only one concerned about the amount of drunk drivers on the road with all of this emphasis on beer and drinking?

  8. Will says:

    I look forward to getting to know you quite well, Thirsty Monk of the North.

  9. Sarah says:

    This is thrilling news– not that I’m going to go to the Woodfin one, but thrilling for the Thirsty Monk Team! I still can’t believe Norm didn’t get a nod in Mountain Xpress’s most recent best of local brewers, because his beer is amazing, (not to mention that Craig at the South location is pretty much the greatest bartender ever), but I’m excited for their expansion opportunity. Yay, Thirsty Monk!

  10. Chris says:

    Wonderful news… Now just lower your beer prices to be more in line with everyone else in town and I’ll be a regular. It’s understandable to pay a little more for imported or specialty beers but I shouldn’t have to pay $5 for a local or domestic beer that sells for $4 everywhere else. It’s not going to break my bank but its just common sense. Love the beer selection. Love the food in downtown. Just put off by the pricing.

    • Orton says:

      Agreed. But hey, whatever the market can bear, right? It’s not like they’re hurting for customers – they’re getting rich serving overpriced pints. I don’t ever go there for that reason, but more power to ’em if they can get away with it. There’s a lot of people in this town who seem to be willing to overpay.

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