Here it is, sports fans. The Ashvegas police report that an officer collected from pro golfer Jason Gore after his fancy 2004 black Ford SUV was broken into. The report was filed June 13, but it was big news this past weekend at the U.S. Open in Pinehurst when Gore joked about it, saying all the thieves got was some of his underwear.

Actually, they got a good bit more, according to the report: an Apple computer, two IPods, 200 CDs, a DVD player and two screens, some expensive audio equipment, including an XM radio. The break-in happened at 115 U.S. 25, which I assume is on Hendersonville Road. Looks like 115 Hendersonville Road comes up at TGI Friday’s, but there’s that hotel right behind TGI Friday’s, so that’s probably where the vehicle was.


  1. White Lightnin' says:

    Oh snap!


  2. WLOS has reported the location as the Double Tree, formerly the Quality Inn Biltmore, and the Asheville Chamber’s Marla Tambellini was on the radio Monday doing some image repair.
    Strangely, there’s been nothing in the Citizen-Times about the robbery even though Gore was on national TV last Thursday night saying what had happened to him in Asheville.
    Where’s the newspaper coverage?

  3. I thought you didn’t miss a showing of WLOS..the weekend news covered this breakin story in two different shows…10 thousand dollars of stuff stolen, happened at the double tree hotel…

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