Updated July 22 at 11:20 a.m.:  Sources we trust tell Ashvegas that the Aloft hotel will not have a Stabucks, just a hotel coffee bar that will serve Starbucks coffee.  We regret any confusion. More details as we learn them.

Mackensy Lunsford and Mountain Xpress have the news: Downtown Asheville is getting a Starbucks coffee bar as part of the new Aloft Hotel.

The new Aloft Hotel recently sent out a press release highlighting new hires (more about that in the bottom of this post). But one piece of the press release intrigued us — the part where the hotel mentions, very much in passing, that it will offer a Starbucks. The hotel will also have plenty of local flavor; The Blackbird from Black Mountain will open in the building, located at 51 Biltmore, later this year.

Xpress link including full release here.

Aloft is slated to open later this year.



  1. megan kirby says:

    This is the ugliest building I’ve seen in a very long time. I know this post has nothing to do with them serving Starbucks, but geeze, this building is hideous! I honestly have to avert my eyes…

  2. The local coffee places aren’t very consistent. I’ve tried a lot of coffee around town. The independents have a different brew, usually over brewed everyday with a bad aftertaste. (not the roasters fault) It is understandable that hipsters like it because they have grown accustomed to it. Tourist from other cities which support jobs and the local businesses are used to consistency. Something which Asheville lacks especially when it comes to coffee and store hours. Coffee taste different everyday and you never can rely on the posted store hours. This is not something to brag about, in fact it is down right lazy and bad for everyone. Bring Starbucks to downtown to motivate the loafers…

    • P.S. After the dust has settled we will have quality consistent local coffee for everyone, like we do beer. Everyone loves change and Asheville has shown it can adapt. Just maybe we will be the number one Coffee city one day…

  3. As a clarification, I wanted you to be aware that while we will be serving Starbucks® brand coffees in our breakfast bar area, the offering is not a full Starbucks® coffeehouse, but a “We Proudly Serve” limited menu offering.

    We are aware and pleased to offer names and locations of at least 17 nearby coffee shops to our guests, along with a voluminous listing of local eateries and attractions in our concierge desk “A-List” guide, as well as on our website and IPad directories. We are also partnering with City Bakery to bring our guests fantastic local baked goods, and all of the artwork in the hotel, including guest rooms, will feature the works of local artists.

    Make no mistake, the Aloft Hotel Downtown Asheville loves our city partners, and we will make every effort to tell our guests about the wonderful offerings of local downtown businesses!

    Paula MacDonald
    Director of Communications
    McKibbon Hotel Management, Inc.

    • Carolina Mountain Bakery in my opinion (and others) would be a better choice for local bake goods. They offer a larger variety to accommodate restaurants and a diverse clientele… Just saying…

  4. This is not a STARBUCKS retail store in The Aloft Hotel they only serve Starbucks brand coffee. The restaurant has used many local products on the menu!

    • they aren’t even open, how is that their restuarant “used many local products” on the menu …

      • Well it’s five weeks before opening so the menu is set, i know the chef…. I have seen it and it’s as many local items as you can get! ENJOY!!!

  5. More horrible news from this wretched looking a-Hole Hotel!

  6. Just don’t do it. When I was working on the Citistop on Charlotte street I made a point tl go to City Bakery and not Starbucks.

  7. alphiehyorth says:

    Is the Aloft Hotel that ugly place that looks like a 1960s Soviet apartment building? So much for fitting into downtown design.

    • craggybender says:

      No, Lexington Station is the place that looks like the 60s Soviet Apt Bldg. Bitching will change nothing. I’ve tried. Look at the bright side: high-quality, hot coffee at City Bakery and the Bus within steps of the aLoft Hotel. The tourists will get the local flavor as soon as they step out the door. Kudos to the locals that got the jobs with the hotel. This is a good project for Asheville. Build UP, not OUT. Asheville has tourists, like it or not, and they will continue to come. So let ’em walk out onto Biltmore Ave, grab a croissant and coffee at the City Bakery, a beer and a slice at Barley’s, a ticket to a flick at the FAT, some Tapas at Curate, a pair of shoes at Mast, and a cocktail at Posana. We’ve got a lot to offer in this town. Welcome the ones that want to come check out our town. If you see them in line at Sbucks, tell them there’s a better cup o’ joe at the bakery. They’re here so show them where to go. They’ll thank you for it. Send them to Cucina 24 for some great food. Send them to Chai Pani for a meal to remember. Show them what we’re made of.

  8. once more, the rush is on to kill the goose that layed the golden egg.

  9. give the protestors time to get organized …

  10. Starbucks is bad news and it’s expensive. Support your local coffee shop!!!

  11. The real question is, how has Starbucks been kept *out* of downtown for all these years?

    • Constant vigilance? It will make lots of money. Tourists will flock there due to brand recognition. At least us locals will be aware enough to head to one of the MANY local places in a several block radius.

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