rhetorical_factory_2013Here’s the announcement from Rhetorical Factory’s page on FB:

Signed the lease at 444 Haywood Road!
Rhetorical Factory will be opening it’s Flagship Store in Asheville, North Carolina early winter 2013.

A lease-signing celebration will take place in a few weeks so email rhetoricalfactory@gmail.com with your address to receive an invitation via snail mail! An actual invitation or your Rhetorical Factory clothes will be necessary for entrance.
This will be a very fun sale with food, music, and guest stars don’t miss out!

Rhetorical Factory “provides one of a kind recycled fashion with original screen prints,” according to¬†rhetoricalfactory.com.

The clothing shop will open at newly renovated 444 Haywood Road, which is home to Second Gear and will soon be home to King Daddy’s Chicken & Waffles. Background on 444 Haywood Road here.

Thanks to loyal reader Jen for the heads-up. She duly notes at BlogAsheville that Haywood Road is blowing up this year with new businesses.

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