haywood_road_taqueria_gonzalezTaqueria Gonzalez closed earlier this month along Haywood Road in West Asheville, but there’s already fast action to turn the space into homes for two new restaurants.

Brian Good of the Asheville Sandwich Company on State Street said Thursday he’s leasing the entire building at 747 Haywood Road. He said he’s awaiting city permits before announcing his concept.

Next door, the word is that the owners of the Nine Mile restaurant in Montford, which features Jamaican food, have plans for that space.

Details to come.



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  3. Taco Lover says:

    When the tacos start disappearing, the neighborhoods personality isn’t far behind…

  4. RIP taq Gonzalez. It was not unusual to see five or six of ashevilles top lauded chefs up in there.

  5. Wow, sounds good, but I’m sad about the closing and hope that Taqueria Gonzalez finds a new home!!

    • luther blissett says:

      Yeah, the reporting at the MX is pretty light on whether Taqueria Gonzalez left voluntarily or whether this is another sign of Haywood being gentri/hipster-fied through higher rents.

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