If you want some fun reading, check out the restaurant reviews in this Haywood County newspaper. They’re straightforward and tell you more than you ever wanted to know about your local steakhouse, deli or burger joint.

Some of the choice bits from the sanitation inspector:

O’Malley’s On Main , 172 N Main St., Waynesville. Inspection: March 30. Grade: 92.5. Comments: Do not ice down food in three-compartment sink. Need new cutting boards. Need handles on glass door coolers, prep coolers. Need a new walk-in; floor must be replaced; clean bottom shelves of coolers and freezers. … Repair hole in wall behind slicer and behind big sink. … Haul off old equipment out back. If going to replace walk-in, may have to add additional lighting. Need new dish racks.

McDonald’s No. 21511, 702 Champion Drive, Canton. Inspection: March 22. Grade: 99. Comments: Need three thermometers in refrigerators (lettuce, egg and milk). Need to clean some refrigerator door gaskets and replace broken ones (salad cooler). … Dishwasher does not pump chlorine, no booster heater yet. Hot water is set up hot. Should have it either pumping chlorine or use a booster heater and turn hot water down. Chlorine pump does not turn at all.

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