Thanks to loyal reader Ned for the heads-up. From the Biltmore Park Town Square website:

BT’s Burgerjoint invites you to tempt your taste buds with a traditional all American style burger or to be adventurous by creating your own version with over 25 toppings to choose from.  This fall you will get a chance to try different burger combinations when the new restaurant opens near Barnes & Noble in Biltmore Park Town Square.

Started in Charlotte, NC in 2008, BT’s Burgerjoint has quickly become an area favorite.  With a versatile menu consisting not only of hamburgers, BT’s serves other conventional offerings such as hot dogs, fried pickles, veggie burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, and much more.

“With all the exciting things that are happening in Biltmore Park Town Square we felt that the Center presented a golden opportunity for us,” said Thom Perez, Marketing Coordinator for BT’s Burgerjoint.  Mr. Perez added that “we’re thrilled about becoming part of the business community here.  We’re hoping to add to the mix and contribute as much as we can.  In addition to having a vital presence in Town Square, we look forward to getting involved with the community at large.”

BT’s Burgerjoint website


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