The new Twisted Laurel restaurant opened at the corner of College and Spruce in downtown Asheville last weekend. (The former Arcade Asheville location.) It features Greek/Italian food, has plentiful outdoor seating as we as a full bar and seating space on its second floor.



  1. Great spot and beautiful bar, but the menu there is TERRIBLE! The one in Weaverville has a terrible menu as well.

  2. luther blissett says:

    Gorgeous refit, but a pretty meh menu. Perhaps it’s looking to pull in city/county and office workers on that side of downtown (not directly competing with Pack’s Tavern, but in that territory) and there’s a gap created by the loss of Three Brothers, but we’ll see how it copes through the winter.

  3. Nice to see reclaimed wood being used in an asheville restaurant for a change.

  4. hauntedheadnc says:

    Ate there opening night… I hope they improve with time. Service was excruciatingly slow and the food was flavorless. It is one of the only places downtown to get a meal where the entree alone won’t set you back $20 or thereabouts, though. I’m going to give them a few weeks and try again.

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