abunimah_2014Malaprop’s will be hosting a very timely speaker/author/activist on Saturday in downtown Asheville. His name is Ali Hasan Abunimah, and according to wiki, he is a Palestinian-American journalist who has been described as “the leading American proponent of a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Here’s more from Malaprop’s about the Ali Abunimah reading and book signing:

Start: 07/26/2014 7:00 pm
Ali Abunimah, the author of One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli Palestinian Impasse and co-founder and director of The Electronic Intifada, shares his new book, The Battle for Justice in Palestine. Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, says, “This is the book to read to understand the present bizarre and ongoing complexity of the Palestine/Israel tragedy.” Abunimah is the recipient of a 2013 Lannan Cultural Freedom Fellowship and was recently featured on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman and Juan González.

Abunimah is the founder of the Electronic Intifada website.


Here is his recent interview with the BBC.


  1. This guy sounds absolutely horrible. He states “Zionism is a prime example of that; it is a racist ideology grounded in the privileging of one ethno-religious group over all others.”

    In fact, Zionism is the ideology that Israel has a right to exist. There is no favoring of one ethno-religious group of another. If that were the case, why would most of the former arabs living in pre-Israel Palestine be living in a democracy, enjoying governmental positions, wealth, and citizenship no different that any Israeli?

    He sounds like he is filled with anti-Israel hatred, and I wouldn’t go near him with a ten foot pole.

  2. boatrocker says:

    Very timely indeed. I empathize with the creation of Israel after that Holocaust, but Israel still treats the folks there first like we treated American Indians. No, I’m not an anti- Semite nor a pro-Hamas or any militant group with an acronym, the Middle East just makes me sad as a student of history and a critic of human nature.

    One less place I can visit and feel remotely safe once I scrape travel $ together.

    • How does Israel treat the folks there exactly? The way we treated the Native Americans was to conquer the land and slaughter them. The way Israel treated arabs living in Palestine was to make them full citizens with equal rights after being given the power to self rule by the UN and the British Mandate. And right after that happened, Israel was mercilessly attacked by separatists and terrorist groups (Hamas) who didn’t recognize Israel’s right to exist and the attacks haven’t stopped in 60 years.

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