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Get hip to the Twilight books

If you’ve never heard of Stephanie Meyer and the Twilight series of books, it’s time to get hip to it. She’s the next J.K. Rowling. Her vampire books, aimed at teens and clean as a whistle but for some sexual tension, are the hottest thing going. On Aug. 1, her newest book will hit the stands. I haven’t read any[Read More…]

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What’s in the news: Elections, Medford, homeless vets, Cinco de Mayo and a little more

It’s May and that means one thing to WLOSers – sweeps. It’s all about the ratings, so look for WLOSers to jump on everything and anything and pump it up as big, important breaking news. Sunday at 6, Terrie Foster held down the helm, pale as ever. Clinton goes to church Kassandra “Special K” Pride followed former President Bill Clinton[Read More…]

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A band to watch: Milhouse

Story here: MILHO– — USE CD RELEASE Local act Milhouse is set to release their long-awaited studio album, A Collection of Rare Birds, with a gig at the Music Farm on Fri. May 2, with support from Crowfield and Kyle Patrick. The follow-up to 2006’s Tales of Woe & Yay was tracked at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville with studio[Read More…]

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Asheville Disclaimer on a roll

If you haven’t been reading the Asheville Disclaimer lately, you need to check in. There’s some quality noise there. From this week’s page: The campaign of Carl Mumpower, who is vying to be the Republican Congressional candidate for the 11th District seat, recently hosted an open house at his downtown offices on College Street. Among the surprises: -Carl wears a[Read More…]

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What’s been in the news: I’ve been slack

Last week, I hardly kept up with WLOSers and the news, although they’re helping me out by actually posting some of their stories on their web site. So I’m trying to catch up this week. Pat apparently is still hanging around – he reported a story yesterday. Russ is now helming the 10 on the MY40 alongside Holly, and Frabonehead[Read More…]

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Blog bits: Doug Llewelyn revisited, an Ashvegas rock message board and some crazy MackDowell County news

Blog bits: Doug Llewelyn revisited, an Ashvegas rock message board and some crazy MackDowell County news

Doug Llewelyn follow-up It’s always funny how we say things first here, and they show up other places. Last week, we did a post about former People’s Court anchorman Doug Llewelyn being spotted at the Barnes & Noble here in Ashvegas. Then suddenly on Sunday, the Hendersonville newspaper puts out a giant profile on the guy. It’s the first local[Read More…]

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An amazing Asheville Film Festival line-up of educational programs

An amazing Asheville Film Festival line-up of educational programs

The Asheville Film Festival isn’t all about the movies. Check out this amazing list of educational events associated with the upcoming festival. FYI – we’ll be at the panel with Andie Mac. All educational offerings are free to the public. Seating is limited and on a first come, first served basis. Introduction to Motion Friday, November 9: 11:00 am-12:30 pm[Read More…]

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Merlefest 2008 line-up announced: Avett Brothers return

Merlefest 2008 line-up announced: Avett Brothers return

Merlefest has announced its 2008 line-up, which includes an Avett Brothers performance on Friday night. O hell yes! Yeah, it’s a long damn way away, but it’s something to look forward to and plan for now. There’s plenty of other musical goodness. A few of our other favorits: The Carolina Chocolate Drops, Tift Merritt, Marty Stuart, on and on… Here’s[Read More…]

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Some Sunday news

With Russ Bowen at the helm, WLOSers led off the Sunday night news with a story that was second tier on Saturday – cops in Hendersonville are looking for a dude who stabbed his wife in the Dana community of Hendersonville. Must have been a pretty slow news day. Russ looked sharp as a take with a cool pink tie[Read More…]

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The week in news – it’s a wrap

Animal shelter fire WLOSers said firefighters responded to a fire call at 7 p.m. Friday night at the animal shelter on Lee’s Creek Road in West Ashvegas. There was a small fire in a dryer that was causing a lot of smoke. No animals were injured. No water for trailer park Carolyn “Little Red” Ryan went out to Northview Mobile[Read More…]

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Lots o’ news

Remembering the Crocodile Hunter Cherub Charu had a good idea but didn’t execute it well – she went out to Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies out west to talk to people about the sad, shocking death of Steve Irwin. Charu didn’t get a lot of reaction quotes. She mostly talked to the aquarium’s director of animal husbandry, who gave us[Read More…]

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Katie Couric, a news reader’s news reader

Katie Couric, a news reader’s news reader

What to say about news reader Katie Couric, who will take the helm of CBS News tonight? It’s all pretty much been said. Still, we’ll muse a little. It is a bit beyond us as to why CBS has spent millions of dollars to promote Couric. They’re desperate for a ratings boost, certainly, yet fewer and fewer people watch the[Read More…]

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Saturday news roundup

Smoke gets in your eyes A white and gray haze blanketed Ashvegas Saturday afternoon and had a lot of people wondering what was going on. WLOS, with Russ “Beefcake” Bowen at the helm, told us that it was a controlled burn of 1,600 acres over in Cocke County, Tenn., that was the source of all the smoke. That, and a[Read More…]

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TV news photogs do a little naval gazing

I picked up this thread via one of my favorite N.C. blogs, Lenslinger’s Viewfinder Blues. You’ll find a lot of anst-ridden questioning here about TV news photography and the teevee news business. These comments are edited for length: r.manuel I haven’t been to in a while and I’m sure I’ve missed a few discussions about this very topic, buuuuttttt.[Read More…]

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The Old Grouch

The Old Grouch

Last weekend, I stopped in Clyde to check out the Old Grouch Military Surplus. Since my teen years, I’ve always had a yen for military surplus stores. I can’t explain why. Guess it’s just the gear. Real gear. Useful gear. Rugged gear. Seems to me these stores have faded away. But not the Old Grouch. The store, just off Asheville[Read More…]

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