New webcam and weather site coming for length of Blue Ridge Parkway

My favorite WNC weather site, Ray’s Weather, has some cool news for all you weather geeks. From Ray’s Weather on FB:

First a disclaimer… This is a work in progress, not a finished product. Soon we will be releasing a webcam and weather site for the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway (about 18 weather stations and web cams when we are done in January 2013). The project is funded by the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation.

Here’s a neat sneak peak… The camera in this link is in Montebello, VA (just south of Waynesboro, VA) along the Parkway.

The neat thing right now is to select the 12-hour (or 24-hr) time-lapse loop and then click play. Do you hear Cat Stevens singing “Moon Shadow” in your head? There’s even a quick look at deer in the middle of last night.

BRPwebcams site here

Blue Ridge Parkway web cam

Scene from a Blue Ridge Parkway web cam in Virginia


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