Dan “Divine” Cathy by Gus Cutty, finished 8/6/2012

Asheville street artist Gus Cutty was hard at work this morning putting the final touches on his newest design: A mural depicting Chick-fil-a executive Dan Cathy as actor and drag queen Divine. The mural is on the side wall of Forever Tattoo on Lexington Avenue.

Cathy caused a stir in recent weeks when he reaffirmed his stance against gay marriage, which prompted his fans and supporters to hold an eat-at-Chick-fil-a day last week. The eat-in snarled traffic all over Asheville with people waiting in line to get their hands on the chicken. Even Rev. Billy Graham of Montreat ate some chicken in support.

Monday morning, Cutty said he can’t wait for reaction. He’s also got an art opening set for Wednesday at the DeSoto Lounge in West Asheville, where you can see more of his work..




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  2. Freedom of speech goes both ways. If Dan Cathy wants to shout out how much he disagrees with homosexuality, then Gus Cutty can make fun of him for being a bigot. Great Mural! Can’t wait to snap a photo of this on my next visit to Asheville 🙂

  3. all teh gays and gay supporters need to start wearing pink triangles in silent protest of bigotry and hatred — look it up youngsters — after the amendment 1 farce it i finally understood how the jews of europe felt in 1933 — it’s overkill but it’s sad to know/ that your neighbors hate you:(

  4. It diminishes the definition of bullying to call a legitimate boycott and First Amendment-protected protests bullying.

    Bullying is telling a group of people they should be expelled from America because of their sexuality. Bullying is attempting to make a form of sexuality illegal. Bullying is presenting fake evidence at government hearings that homosexuals are all pedophiles.

    Chick-Fil-A donates money to organizations that do all of the above and more.

  5. Eric Bradford says:

    Looks great! We need more murals and less balloon lettered “tags” in West Avl.

  6. Damn, I love this town.

  7. @plucky, it’s the “devine” tranny look…

  8. Too much lipliner. And it’s unflattering to apply eyeshadow all the way across the suborbital ridge like that. It makes your eyes look sunken in.

  9. chuck giezentanner says:


    As an AMERICAN who is gay I am astonished at how Right Wing America is discriminating against homosexuals. We are not going anywhere. We are AMERICANS and ALL AMERICANS should have equal rights.

    As for us becoming bullies, you can only kick a dog so many times before it bites back.

    Get ready.

  10. Antoine Dodson: ‘The gay community [has gone] from being bullied to becoming bullies’


    • Im not gay so I’ll bully all I want. Two things Dan Cathy and I have in common, a love for chicken and freedom of speech.

      • GAY AND PROUD OF IT says:

        you should be fined and stoned for taking your tallent and doing something so unbecoming and childish. YOU are what gay people and straight people dislike and are asshamed of.

    • Gay bullies? GIRL HOL’ MAH EARRINGS!

    • Jake Conroy says:

      What a load of crap. How are gays bullying anyone by speaking out against people who want to keep them from having equal rights? You poor little straight, white guy, are you feeling bullied because the gays want to live under the full protection of the law, too? Get over yourself. You can’t possibly understand what it’s like to have whole sections of the population actively trying to demonize and oppress you. So please, save the “gays are bullies” crap, it makes you sound like childish and desperate.

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