The Bywater has opened at 796 Riverside Drive. It’s a private club – which means they don’t plan on selling much food – and it looks like a much classier joint than its neighbors. A biker bar, Flossie’s, is right next door, and Riverside is home to a host of businesses that are on the industrial side of things.

I don’t know much more about it. I’ll give you a full report as soon as I can make it by. Meantime, what have y’all heard/seen?



  1. branson neal says:

    I love this place! The staff is great, customers are friendly, and the beer list is a knockout! Don Lewis from The Sons Of Ralph is hosting a Tuesday night open mike, and Don frequently jumps up and plays with the participants. Don is one of WNC's premier fiddlers, a great guitar player, and plays mandolin like there's no tomorrow. Totally kick-back atmosphere, like you're hanging at a friend's house sippin' cold ones. Somebody told me it was once a convenience store(?!?), whoa, what a make-over! A custom made bar, a cool secluded nook and a great long handmade table with benches adds to the charm. Check this club out, the beer ain't colder nowhere!

  2. I love it! They have lots of beer on tap and the cocktails are really cheap. I was able to play the games outside and cook a hotdog at the same time!

  3. Great staff, great cold beer & great location, what more could you ask for??? I love it 🙂

  4. Oh, Chad is great. The location is kind of fun. Drove by the other night and noticed it because there were little white lights strung around what appeared to be a huge outdoor patio space.

  5. Chad Battles, longtime Jack of the Wood bartender, opened it up with a couple other guys. Hope it does well.

  6. knicker bopper says:

    bartenders are alright. customer(s) suck. MIGHT go there again.

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