In an event that bodes well for its beer, Wicked Weed Brewing, the microbrewery and restaurant not even open yet on Biltmore Avenue across from the Peel, won the People’s Choice award at Brewgrass this past Saturday.

As previously posted on Ashvegas, here’s what the brewery had to say about its experience at Brewgrass:

Yesterday Wicked Weed Brewing officially entered the craft beer scene pouring beer at Brewgrass Craft beer festival. We felt extremely honored to have the opportunity to pour our beer along side the breweries that inspire us and that we look up to. Wicked Weed had a crazy long line all day and that at one point had over 175 people in it. As far as the beer went we brought 11 different beers the most popular being; Freak double IPA, Transgressor West Coast Imperial Red Ale and Coolcumber our basil, juniper berry and cucumber American Golden. Our sour release at 3:00 of 4 Wicked Wild beers was one of the more crazy moments for us during the day. People seemed to be really fired up about the beers we were pouring. Overall we were completely blow away by the experience, it was truly incredible

And here’s what it had to say yesterday:

Wicked Weed Brewing is super excited to announce that we have the honor of winning the peoples choice award at Brewgrass this past Saturday. Catawba came in a close second an we at Wicked Weed just feel honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as a brewery of that caliber. We also want to thank all the people who gave our beer a chance and waited in lines almost an hour long for a small taste of our beer. You guys are awesome! Wicked Weed can’t wait to fill you pint glasses in what we hope to be much shorter lines at our pub next to Orange Peel opening this December. CHEERS!!

Congrats to Wicked Weed! Look for their opening in December at 91 Biltmore Avenue.

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Wicked Weed website


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