The controversy over Pastor Chan Chandler’s preaching at East Waynesville Baptist Church pretty much ended earlier this week with his resignation. But there’s still plenty of reaction out there.

Check out Scott McLeod’s thoughtful opinion piece in the Smoky Mountain News, Waynesville’s alternative weekly. The publication also offers a little more nuance in its series of stories that you’ll find on the newspaper Web site’s homepage.


  1. what i find most interesting in this is that how fast other pastors are willing to “support their guy” over the voices of those harmed by it all. i was in hickory over this time, interviewing for a postion as a lead pastor with an emerging church and it shocked me – could i, a california boy with earrings, goatee, tats and a shave head truly minister in the area? then i met with people how love others, accept others and truly desire to open their lives to the lives of others – so i said, “yes, i can” – one man, no matter how twisted in his theology will not keep me from doing some radically cool things in hickory.

  2. aDifferentNC says:

    good one here:

    “Zealotry: A growing danger to American freedom”

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