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Frank Kracher, one of the most loved television news anchors at WLOS in recent memory, has returned to Asheville. I ran into Frank on the streets of Ashvegas while I was staking out the federal courthouse, waiting for an appearance by former Sheriff Bobby Medford. (more on that later).

Frank looked great. He was tan, wearing loafers and had a little earring. He walked up to Charu and hugged her neck, and the two caught up. Frank is working for the Obama campaign, something that Arratik first told me about a couple of weeks ago.

Frank, who worked in Asheville for seven years before moving to Syracuse in 2005 to work for a TV station up there, is literally back from the dead. The man was walking down the hall at work one day when he fell. (He’d been working out earlier in the day and hadn’t eaten and just about fainted, if memory serves.) Frank shattered the left side of his skull in the fall. A piece of bone shattered an artery. He was rushed to the hospital.

His recovery has been nothing short of amazing. Today, Frank is clearly happy being back in Asheville and enjoying his work for the Obama campaign. Welcome back, Frank!


  1. Frank Kracher is a top 10 market caliber anchor. WLOS and Asheville were lucky to have him for 7 years, and the station should jump at the chance to snatch him up. Frank is a solid journalist, who really connects with viewers. I loved watching him because he read the news with an authority, but was also sincere. My family misses seeing Frank on WLOS. Bring him back!

  2. realityczech says:

    I can’t speak for killah, Ash, but this is MY final pitch for you to do the right thing. You have moved other "hot topics" back to the top of Ashevegas before. So here we are with more than 40 comments about a guy who was a solid, respected broadcaster here for 7 years– a guy so many people cleary want to see back in that anchor chair– and most of this unprecedented buzz has been generated on pages 2 & 3. You know better than anyone that that is much deeper than most blog readers ever venture. I guess I am an exception, as is the aforementioned killah, but please consider giving Frank-Kracher-Gate another chance "above the fold". Also, at the advice of fellow blogger rusty, why not include a link to If only for the good of mountain television viewers and local TV news as we know it. We must all admit it needs to be better. Please help make that happen!

  3. Tracie Hatfield says:

    Is he coming back to WLOS? Frank was wonderful to watch- a true professional who really knows Asheville. And I’ve never seen Darcel have better chemistry with any of her other partners.

  4. I just heard from a friend that Frank Kracher was in town and I found this blog. I hope he is going back to WLOS?? I don’t watch the local news anymore as the new guy really stinks…he’s terribly boring actually. Frank and Darcel made a much better team!

  5. As a former coworker of Frank, it is fabulous to see him looking so healthy and refreshed and receiving such wonderful comments. He is a true journalist, making such an impact on the communities he works in. It would be a shame if WLOS doesn’t bring him back in some way. Give the viewers what they want, bring Frank back!!!

  6. I make my "Top Of Page 1" plea one more time. Please, Ash, move our Miracle Man front-and-center again. Frank Kracher deserves more high profile attention. And News 13 viewers deserve him back on the air!

  7. Frank looks great. Let’s see him back on our favorite source for tv news. WLOS has a wonderful opportunity to bring him back to us, and to send a message to everyone about how a strong spirited person can rebound from the sort of experience that could destroy a life. We’ve all been through a lot of stress lately here and around the nation. We need Frank’s presence in our homes again.

  8. Please, please, please, please, please do us all a favor and get Frank back on WLOS! We need a knowledgeable, friendly face back as our local news anchor. He’s been sorely missed by those of us who are discerning news viewers and like anchors with personality. I’d love to see him back on the air!

  9. There are anchors who simply "read" the news, and there are anchors who epitomize the word "journalist." During Frank Kracher’s time in Asheville, he developed a trust with his viewers. People watching WLOS made Frank a member of their family, and gave him their attention. Frank never took this trust lightly. In fact, it made him work even harder. He knew the responsibility he was handed, and in return, he provided the WLOS audience with fair and complete reporting of news stories that affected their daily lives. Now that Asheville — the city — has Frank back, it would benefit all of us to find a way to return him to the air. An anchor like Frank Kracher comes along perhaps once in a generation.

  10. Frank is a great news anchor and an asset to the station. I’d love to see him back at WLOS–he adds a lot and is missed. Bring back Frank!

  11. Happygolucky says:

    Thanks for the update on one of my absolute favorite people in the entire world!! I am a former employee of WLOS who learned a lot from Frank. He was the most dedicated anchor I’ve ever worked, plus he made me laugh all the time!

    I had been so worried about him after his accident so the article was most reassuring that Frank is back and better than ever!!!

    Now that he’s better, can he come back to tee vee?? I can dream can’t I???

  12. sweetbabyjane says:

    Former WLOSer Frank Kracher helping distribute hundreds of free James Taylor tickets on Grove Street Friday. He looked great in his Vote Obama t-shirt and was friendly to all those in the long line. I chatted briefly with him and talked about how much I loved him on TV. What a humble gentleman who is clearly connected to this community and is missed by so many News 13 viewers. Another blogger named rusty suggested we do what we can to get Frank back on the anchor desk, by letting WLOS management know how we feel. Let’s do it! Write to

  13. How great to have Frank back in town.It would be terrific to get a real journalist back on the air. With the supposed push toward localiam from television stations would it not make sense to have a real local , and real old fashioned newsman on the air,Frank understands the community.

    Not to take anything away from current folks but we have been given a do over Western North Carolina we and WLOS need to get Frank back.

  14. realityczech says:

    We appreciate Frank. Time to put Asheville’s anchorman back in the main chair at 110 Technology Drive. Come on WLOS, do the right thing for your viewers.

    Also Ash, please consider moving the Kracher topic back up to the top of the Ashvegas blog-site. This is clearly a hot button issue in WNC right now and viewers/bloggers are obviously still weighing in. Time for a change at News 13. Barack Obama and Frank Kracher in 2008! Yes We Can.

  15. Wow! How great to see Frank’s smiling face!
    I sure do miss seeing him on the air.
    He’s got the perfect Asheville vibe.
    Is he going to get his old job back? I hope so.
    Viva la Kracher!!!

  16. Oooops! I made a mistake in my previous post. I said Mr. Blunt reads "a couple" of newscasts before his dinner break. But in reality, Larry anchors only the 6 before he dashes off to dine, then comes back late to read the 11. It was Frank Kracher who did the 5, 6 & 11 and also served as News 13 Managing Editor. He ate his dinner at his desk. Sorry. My bad.

  17. Sweeps pieces are trumped up promotional tools that are done during rating periods. In local TV news, that’s November, February and May. July doesn’t really count, as no one watches much television during the Summer. So what about the other 8 months of the year? What does Mr. Blunt(not Blount)do? He comes in late in the afternoon, complains about all the stories written by hard working producers and reporters throughout the day, reads a couple of newscasts, goes home for an incredibly long dinner break, then returns to anchor the news at 11. Wow! Nice work if you can get it. Ask Frank Kracher’s former co-workers what kind of time and effort he put in at News 13 year round. Answer? Let’s just say it is a very different story.

  18. Former WLOSer says:

    As a former employee of WLOS I can say Larry Blount is a good guy. Everyone gets frustrated from time to time, but overall he was very reasonable and a kind man. Also, a very good journalist…his sweeps pieces are always top notch!

  19. So glad that Frank has returned to WNC! We have missed seeing him on our TV’s and could use a big dose of his enthusiasm and personality.He makes us feel that we are visiting with a very close friend..we wait for his return.

  20. former co-worker says:

    Having worked with Frank at WLOS for three years, I can tell you he had the respect of EVERYONE in that newsroom. A natural leader who treats everyone the same, regardless of position. WLOS would be wise to bring back a guy who many considered to be the best anchor in the market during his time at WLOS. Something tells me he would be up for the opportunity. Let’s hope GM Jack Conner steps up and connects with Frank. His return would be a shot in the arm that the WLOS newsroom would welcome.

  21. So this is what I am thinking….we all know he’s amazing and miss his presence immensely…we should all write and send our emails to the people who can possibly make all of our dreams of "Frank being back in that news chair" come true …
    send to:!!!

  22. Hello WLOS, With so much doom and gloom on the news we could sure use a big shot of Frank Kracher’s personality and enthusiam. Bring him back to our TV screens and into our homes again..He’s good, he’s really good..really, really! WLOS…Hear me now???


  23. Better move the Miracle Man back up to the top of Page 1, Ash. This Frank Kracher reaction is all too good to let it slip away into the depths of your popular blog!

  24. realityczech says:

    I hope ABC 13 management reads this blog. Talk about a grass roots groundswell! Maybe you should add Frank’s name to the Favorite WLOSer Poll, Ash.

  25. Montford Mamma is certainly well intentioned, but Larry Blunt is NOT a "great guy". He yells in the newsroom, bullies co-workers and apparently considers himself a cut above the rest. Just ask anybody who works at News 13. If they could be honest about it, they would tell you he is a negative force that needs to be replaced. Not to mention he is the equivalent of "milk toast" on the anchor desk. Bring back Frank!

  26. Montford Mamma says:

    In this age of 24-hour news and nameless correspondents from lord-only-knows-where, it would be so nice to have someone that Asheville can call her own and be proud. Frank seemed to connect with WNC so well, and really care about it… I’m Larry Blunt is a great guy but Frank was matched so well to Asheville. We should all write to Channel 13!!

  27. Frank Kracher drawing this kind of viewer outpouring does not surprise me. We have only one TV station in Asheville and he seemed to understand that dynamic so well. He has a strong sense of this mountain community and truly gets what living here is really all about. It is time for News 13 to make a change on the anchor desk.

  28. Love the new, HD set at WLOS. Why not dress it up with a credible news anchor like Frank Kracher? Then they would have a complete re-do of their improved look.

  29. realityczech says:

    Class act indeed! The folks at WLOS should give him a call, just in case he wants to get back into the news biz. That would be great!

  30. Wow. Frank does look good. Glad to know he has recovered so well. As I recall, it was touch and go for awhile. I don’t think he will ever return to WLOS, but it’s nice to dream about. He sure was a class act.

  31. Wow. Frank does look good. Glad to know he has recovered so well. As I recall, it was touch and go for awhile. I don’t think he will ever return to WLOS, but it’s nice to dream about. He sure was a class act.

  32. How do we get the powers that be to make the right move and get Frank back on WLOS?????

  33. Frank Kracher back in town and Larry Blunt still anchoring the news. What’s up with that?

  34. Don’t think I can top what has already been said about Mr. Kracher. I never met him, but watched his broadcasts for all the time he was on WLOS. I always enjoyed having him in my living room every evening after dinner. That says it all for me.

  35. Evander in Asheville says:

    I’ve been saying it all along: bring him back! he is missed by many. he’s a real person on TV, not just a talking head.

  36. So great to see Frank lookin’ so good!

  37. Handsome, smart and funny as hell. Obama better hope Frank doesn’t change his mind and run as a write in! He’d take NC, WA and a few other states for sure.

    Great to see our favorite anchor doing so well and looking so great.Now let’s see him back on WLOS!

  38. Jeanne Charters says:

    Hey WLOS–look at the man. He’s the best thing you’ve had on your station since I moved here seven years ago. Please, please bring him back.

    Jeanne Charters

  39. Way to go Frankie! We’ve missed you.
    Glad to see you looking so healthy!
    Would love to see you and Darcel back together again.
    Who do we call to make that happen????

  40. realityczech says:

    Great sighting, Ash! I just wish more people could see Frank on WLOS again. Any chance?

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