RAD Poster_May 31Some cool projects to get in on:

The City of Asheville and local design non-profits, Asheville Design Center and OPEN Asheville host this community engagement event on Friday, May 31 from 5-8 p.m.  Give input on the West Asheville Bus Shelter, Riverside Drive and two other River Arts District and West Asheville community improvement projects.  Have an idea?  Here’s a great place to SPEAK UP and be heard!

Here are the four projects:

West Asheville bus shelter: Local history and design input wanted for this new bus stop coming to the corner of Craven Street and Haywood Road.

Riverside Drive Redevelopment: Redevelopment of 10 acres of open space, city -owned land.

Footbridge: A series of structures will be built along the French Broad River, including a a new footbridge that will connect a series of existing and planned placemaking spaces.

Mission Health Placemaking Project: This will create a public space for pedestrians to connect and recreate, while also providing an outreach and marketing platform for Mission Health.



  1. New Belgium is planning to finance the bus shelter….

    • Sounds like an even trade to me:

      “As part of the deal to bring a new, East Coast brewery here, the city of Asheville will give New Belgium $3.5 million in tax reimbursements over seven years”

      ~Mountain Xpress; David Forbes on 04/07/2012.

  2. Well thanks for that, Adam. Are you planning on financing the abnormal projects then, perhaps?

  3. Adam strange says:

    Standard design is boring. Asheville is better than ‘normal’. All public structures here should be creative. If you want ‘standard’, move to Greenville or perhaps Charlotte.

  4. Why are the bus stop shelters not a standardized design … seems like it would be financially prudent; not to mention it would make them easier to recognize system wide.

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